Is He Wrong for Not Going to His Daughter’s Wedding on the Anniversary of His 3-Month-Old Baby’s Death?

The father shared “The wedding was on March 25, which coincides with my other daughter’s birthday. She was born on March 25, 2022. She was barely 3 months when she passed away.”

The wife, who is not the bride’s mother, wanted to “celebrate our daughter’s life on the date of her birth.”

The dad also did not feel it would be appropriate to have a family festivity and leave his wife behind. He added they were both still grieving.

Father shared that “March 25 is significant to her relationship and that’s why she chose it, but it just wasn’t feasible for me.”


Even before the bride set the date, father told her “I’m doubtful I’d be there if she chose this date.”

The man added that his ex-wife, the oldest daughter’s mom, and her family sent a bunch of hateful messages.

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