“I know for sure we are in a recession now” – Walmart Customer Shows The Store Selling A 2-Pack Sugar Cookies Due To Inflation

Liberty Ann Flynn shared a TikTok video that amassed 2.8 million views, showing Walmart selling a two-pack of sugar cookies.

As many noticed, the last time this happened was in 2008, during another economic disaster that took over the world.

This also sparked the debate regarding the correct term: inflation, recession, or something else.

Liberty Ann Flynn (@libertysshopping), a content creator, showed her upset face while shopping in Walmart. The overlay text said, “I know for sure we are in a recession now.”

The camera then showed the infamous package of two cookies, despite claims that the peak of inflation was in June 2022.

Though specialists claim it has been slowing down, people are quite anxious, as it is still three times above the Fed’s 2% goal.

Though publications from the University of Missouri and Indiana University claim that not likely we are heading for a recession, price-related anxiety is ever-present.

This TikTok video proved how many people are worried, with one person saying, “Wait, I remember getting the two packs when I was a kid during the 2008 recession.”

Another shared, “I saw a gallon of 2% milk at a gas station for SEVEN DOLLARS.” We cannot confirm this information, but many believe that the current prices are due to price gouging, not actual inflation.

One person commented on this: “It’s not a recession. It’s corporate greed, and they are doing it because no one is stopping them.”

One of the most liked and most debated comments said, “We’ve been in a recession for six months.” This prompted TikTok users to separate inflation from recession, though once you’re in the store, it does not really matter.

Another person gave an example, “We got butter in a two-pack; I’ve only ever seen 4.”

Some tried to see the positive side, as one TikTok poster wrote, “I can eat a dozen in a sitting LOL this be better for so I don’t binge those cookies, lol.” Another echoed this statement, “A 2 pack would prevent me from consuming 4,200 calories in 20 minutes.”

Others complained that the company used way too much plastic for just two cookies. Regardless, the hashtag #recession has surpassed 700 million views, with many content creators turning to ways to save money as their most popular videos.

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