“Walking the plank:” Nancy Mace warns that the Republican party issues warnings over party’s strict abortion regulations

Nancy Mace, a Republican lawmaker, warned that abortion restrictions might cost GOP votes from the independent voters and asked her party colleagues, “What are we doing?”

Walking on the plank

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The South Carolina Republican talked to CNN’s Dana Bash, where she shared, “I think they’re walking the plank.” The comment was about moderate and independent voters and strict abortion rules in red states.

Mace is against abortion

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The lawmaker declared, “I’m pro-life. I have a fantastic pro-life voting record, but I also understand that we cannot be a..holes to women.”

The two-term congresswoman spoke up about her horrifying experience

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The South Carolina lawmaker talked about the assault she survived. Mace said, “Being the victim of rape, you don’t ever get over it.” That’s why she is for exceptions in cases similar to hers.

Advocating for all women

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Mace continued, “As a Republican woman in 2023, this is a very lonely place to be.” She elaborated, “I feel like I’m the only woman on our side of the aisle advocating for things that all women should care about.”

Mace also criticized other issues regarding having a child

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The lawmaker added, “No woman wants to go to the doctor and make the decision that she’s going to have an abortion. Nobody wants that. And what are we doing to ensure that she doesn’t have to make that decision?”

The congresswoman asked vital questions

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“What are we doing about the foster care system? What are we doing about child care? We’re doing none of those things,” Mace wondered.

Mace was accused of flip-flopping

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“I think I get labeled a flip-flopper unfairly because of that,” Mace said. “I have my own ideology that I believe in. I’ll take the vote. That doesn’t mean I want to take the vote.”

The congresswoman repeated the same claims on Fox

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Every time we walk the plank, we are putting moderate members, members that won Biden districts, we are putting those seats at risk for 2024,” Mace said on Fox News Sunday, and added, ”We are putting the majority at risk.”

The Republican congresswoman made unpopular comments

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In April, Mace urged the FDA to ignore the rules regarding suspending abortion drugs. While on CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Mace stated, “It’s not up to us to decide as legislators or even, you know, as the court system that whether or not this is the right drug to use or not.”

The lawmaker from a purple district

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Mace explained, “I represent a very purple district that is really a bellwether for the rest of the country. And I can tell you, far more than the vast majority of 60-70% of Americans are not going to agree with this decision.”

No compassion

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The GOP lawmaker accused the party of showing “no compassion,” adding, “This is one of those issues that I’ve tried to lead on as someone who’s ‘pro-life’ and just have some common sense.”

Mace had more to add

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She continued, “There are many pro-life people that, also, while they’re pro-life, they don’t want the government to intervene in this radical of a manner, and the FDA has a rigorous process.”

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