Baby On a Leash Captured on Video Goes Viral and Sparks Debate – Is it Ever Okay to Use a Child Leash?

TikTok user @jordanvarneau shared a controversial video showing a mom and her toddler son in a basketball game. The boy had on a leash, which made the video go viral.

The video captured “Bubba was getting super frustrated” has nearly 20 million views and has spread from TikTok to other social media platforms.

While some praised the mother’s actions, others were quick to judge. The majority were amused, as one TikTok user wrote, “He’s having the time of his life, look at his face when he’s pulled back. That’s an amusement park ride right there.”

Another chimed in, “The way she doesn’t miss a beat in her conversation while doing this.”

Someone else added, “I’m not even a parent, and I can understand leasing children, idk why people have issues with it.”

The baby tried to crawl to the basketball court, but mom was having none of it.

This impressed a TikTok user who said, “The alternative is literally holding them while they scream and struggle to get down. She deserves an award.”

Someone summed up the situation: “She can chat, observe the other child’s game, keep the baby off the court, and the baby is having a blast.”


Bubba was getting super frustrated 🤣

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

Someone even noticed how the child reacted: “Him looking back waiting to be pulled back.”

Another person said that the mom deserves an award since the other option would be “literally holding them while they scream and struggle to get down. She deserves an award.”

Most agreed it was “creative and innovative” parenting.

On the other side, many compared the small child to a dog. One TikTok commentator wrote, “Aww, is it a rescue?” while another joked, “What type of dog is that?”

Another mom showed how she deals with her three boys. She shared a video with the caption, “Promoting independence while keeping my three toddlers safe.”

Again, many comments were positive, with a person saying, “I need this for my triplets!” Another added, “Awesome!”

One mom said, “Before I became a mother, I would judge, now, as a mom, I just smile while admiring their brilliance.”

Even a mom of a millennial man complimented this method, though she used it a long time ago. The woman wrote, “I used this method with my son to keep him from going into the aisle at church. When I took it off, he wouldn’t go in the aisle. He’s 38 now.”

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While keeping children on a leash might seem extreme, it could be a great way to protect the little ones. What do you have to say about this method of parenting?

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