University professor connects Christianity with systemic racism and white supremacy on a “Christian privilege” board

A lecturer posted a bulletin explaining how “Christian privilege” is linked to White supremacy and systemic racism at Native American and Indigenous Studies at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

The display was added last year

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Charmayne “Charli” Champion-Shaw, a professor at IUPUI, posted the controversial display in 2022, and it stayed there until recently, reports claim.

The display aimed to educate

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The bulletin board display titled “Understanding Christian Privilege” was supposed to give insight into the benefits Christians allegedly have compared to others.

It is more than just a rumor

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Campus Reform added photos from the university, showing six pages of “Christian privilege.” An explanation says that “the idea that Christians receive inherent advantages in society (in school, in the workplace, and public places) due to the perception that Christianity is status quo, while other religions are not.”

A student went to the media

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An IUPUI student went to Campus Reform and took the photos after trying to contact organizations across campus to learn more about the display. The student later appeared on Fox News.

Other religions are “marginalized”

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The papers also spoke about other religions in Western civilization, saying, “As a result, other religions or attitudes about religion are marginalized, overlooked or ignored altogether, or even perceived as troubling, problematic, or suspicious.”

The point of this display

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In the center, it alleged that Christian privilege is “benefits that apply to one group of people (Christians) that other groups don’t receive.”

The list of Christian privilege

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The display included the “Christian Privilege Checklist,” which included, “It is easy for you to find your faith accurately depicted in television, movies, books, and other media,” “Your faith is accepted/supported at your workplace,” and “You can complain about your religion being under attack without it being perceived as an attack on another religion.”

Other privileges in the US

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The papers also listed other privileges in the US, including being straight, male, middle-aged, white, and English-speaking.

The display went dark

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In one part, it says, “Christian privilege is directly connected to white supremacy and settler colonialism,” and describes Manifest Destiny as “the whole idea that drove white people’s racist and genocidal entitlement to take over North America.”

The professor had more to say

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She added, “If murdering people and forcing them to commit to your religion while you take over their lands and try your hardest to stamp out their culture isn’t the apex of privilege, I don’t know what else is.”

The professor will gladly speak about the board later

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Professor Champion-Shaw told Campus Reform that she was behind the display and looking forward to discussing the controversial exhibition once the exams were done.

Champion-Shaw teaches about diversity

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The professor is passionate about teaching students “about diversity and social justice.” However, according to Indiana University’s non-discrimination policy, this move could be seen as anti-Christian. The display was held during the school year 2022 to 2023. It is unknown if it will appear again in the future. Though it enraged many Christians, it could lead to some interesting conversations.

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