“Unfair advantage:” Fury as trans high school runner dominates girls’ cross country after coming 172nd in boys’ division

High school sophomore at the private Maine Coast Waldorf School in Freeport sparked fury after dominating girls’ cross-country despite being 172nd before transitioning.

One mom spoke up

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Katherine Collins, a mom of one of the competitors, said, “Men are simply larger, faster, and stronger than their female counterparts,” she said. “To compare, the top-ranked female high school runner in all of New England would only be ranked 47th among high school boys in Maine.”

One girl was furious

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A girl who was in the race told journalist Shawn McBreairty, “It is not fair to a female who has trained hard,” the athlete shared, adding, “Males are biologically faster than females, with testosterone. They need to run under their biological gender.”

The school athletics director defended the trans student

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Susan Sonntagm the school athletic director, said, “We support all our students at Maine Coast Waldorf School and are proud that our students are given the opportunity to participate in all of our school programs,” adding that the school sticks to Maine’s law that prohibits “unlawful educational discrimination.”

The trans student finished fifth

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Stark-Chessa, the student in question, finished fifth in the Maine XC Festival of Champions in Belfast. Overall, the transgender student is ranked fourth.

A physician commented

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A physician whose two children competed told the media, “If a boy, competing in a sporting event, were found to be using performance-enhancing drugs, he would be disqualified due to the presumption of unfair competitive advantage.”

The worried father continued

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The physician added, “If instead, that same boy chose to compete as a girl, he would not only not be disqualified due to his enormous presumptive competitive advantage, he would be lauded, feted, and applauded.”

The differences

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The father continued, “For the boys, it would be tragic, for it teaches them things that simply do not apply outside of the very narrow time and place in which we currently reside.”

The injustices

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“For the girls, it is the grossest of injustices in every conceivable way because it forces them to participate in, and to some extent accept, something which is manifestly false. They must, like it or not, participate in the lie,” he concluded.

Echoes of Lia Thomas

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Lia Thomas became the first openly transgender athlete to win America’s top trophy in university sports in 2022. Since her victories, people started raising concerns over people who were born as males, taking over women’s sports.

The controversy

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“The 2022 Women’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships are in the books and will go down in the history books for the wrong reason. One of the fastest and deepest meets in the history of the sport was overshadowed by controversy, confusion, and artificial interest in the meet,” shared on X Kyle Sockwell, a swimmer.

Some competitors blasted Thomas

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Riley Gaines tied against Lia, and since then, she has become an outspoken proponent of reserving women’s sports for biological females.

Gaines testified in the Senate

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The former University of Kentucky swimmer testified in front of the Senate that she isn’t advocating for an outright ban on transgender athletes. Instead, she wants “everyone to compete where it’s fair and it’s safe.”

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