Trump stated Democrats are “executing babies after birth” in one of his absurdest speeches concerning abortion

Trump, the “most pro-life president in American history,” talked about abortion to an evangelical group, and things got pretty wild. Not only that the former President condemn his party, but he claimed Democrats were “executing babies after birth.”

Securing the bag

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Trump addressed his supporters via video at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 23rd Annual Spring Kick-Off. Previously, a group of evangelists warned him to “embrace” his anti-abortion stance, and Trump delivered.

Trump bragged about overturning Roe

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The 45th president, and former member of the Democratic party, said his Supreme Court overturned Roe because “I appointed over 300 judges to fill the federal bench with pro-constitution warriors who interpret the laws as written.” He claimed he faced “vile attacks to confirm our three great Supreme Court justices.”

The big victory

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Trump continued by sharing that “those justices delivered a landmark victory for protecting innocent life. Nobody thought it was going to happen.” Then he took a dig at his party: “They thought it would be another 50 years. Because Republicans had been trying to do it for exactly that period of time, 50 years.”

Fighting for religion, babies, etc. 

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The former President, who announced he would run for the third time in November, continued talking about his achievements, including protecting “religious liberty“ and “the unborn.” This was when he declared he was “the most pro-life president in American history.”

Executing babies

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Things took a turn for the worse when Trump started saying things were beyond reason. He shared, “I will continue to stand strong against the extreme late-term abortionists, the Democrat party, who believe in abortion on demand in the ninth month of pregnancy, and even executing babies after birth. Beyond birth, executing the baby. This is where we’ve come, and it’s so sad to see.”

Trump did not stop there

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Further, the former POTUS said that he would sign “a new executive order to cut federal funding for any school pushing critical race theory, transgender insanity and other inappropriate racial, se.ual or political content on our content.” He added he wanted to “bring back God” into schools and public places.

Everyone clapped

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Trump addressed a crowd of around 1,000 people and said he was the first president in history to attend the annual March for Life abortion opposition rally. That’s when they awarded him with a big applause.

Social media is fuming

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Across social media, people were not pleased. One Reddit poster noted, “Killing kids after they’re born. That’s a Republican thing.” Another alleged, “He’s also the President who has paid for the most abortions. So you could say he’s an expert.”

More shared their anger 

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A Reddit poster wondered, “Seriously, what kind of complete moron could believe such a thing? What in the absolute f… are Republican voters thinking? How are we here?” Another added, “I wonder how many women were coerced by Trump to have an abortion.”

Twitter, now X, was also not impressed

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Under the video, one person wrote, “Says the hypocrite, adulterer, criminal, gluttonous sow, and literally NOT A CHRISTIAN.”

Checking the boxes

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Another shared, “‘Christians’ defending a man who defrauded students at Trump U., contractors who did work for him, his own charity, cheated on all three wives multiple times. Bully, blasphemer, thief, adulterer, mocked handicapped, mocked POWs.. he checks all the boxes. NO CHARACTER. ‘Jesus wept.”‘

Some reminded him of his trial

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More people shared their thoughts, with one saying, “Many of us evangelicals won’t support a man who constantly tears down others. He is a liar and a fraud.” Another reminded people that he should focus on the upcoming trials. 

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