Trump-Appointed Voice of America CEO Abused Power, Special Counsel Report Finds

The federal investigation concluded that Trump, appointed CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which controls Voice of America, committed numerous misconducts, including firing over political views.

Numerous improper activities

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The Office of Special Counsel claims that “during his less-than-eight-month tenure, CEO [Michael] Pack was responsible for numerous improper activities.”

Waste of funds, violating laws, and more

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Some allegations include “abuse of authority, gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds, or a violation of law, rule, or regulation.”

Abuse of power

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The investigation concluded that Pack “abused his authority and retaliated against career USAGM executives who engaged in whistleblowing.” The targeting of executes started the day after Pack took over as CEO. Some memos included political beliefs like “Hates Republicans” or “Openly despises Trump and Republicans.” The report adds that after the suspensions, Pack “hired a private law firm to provide post hoc justifications” for his actions.

Interfering with independent journalism

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OSC revealed that Pack interfered with independent journalism at Voice of America and other outlets he oversaw. He also retaliated against executives who filed whistleblower complaints. He mismanaged and wasted funds by paying $1.6 million in a confidential, no-bid contract to a Virginia law firm to investigate USAGM managers.

More restrictions for employees

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Pack also “restricted employee communications with outside parties [and] failed to exempt legally protected disclosures.” In his interview with The Federalist, Pack claimed his decisions were made “to drain the swamp, to root out corruption and to deal with these issues of bias.”

People felt anger

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Many Reddit posters wanted to know if Pack would face any consequences. One wrote, “I’m sure something will happen to him as a consequence, right?” Another added, “Why report it if nothing is going to be done?”

Many were frustrated, not surprised

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Someone shared, “The thorough corruption of the Trump administration dwarfs anything in American history, and half of the Americans don’t care even when Trump confesses to it.”

Connecting the dots

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Another alleged, “He was CEO of the Claremont Institute, an alt-right incubator, and overall cesspool.” The same person added, “Claremont’s recent publications after Biden took office have included statements such as “internal enemies have destroyed the U.S.” and “half of Americans should no longer be considered citizens.”

Sarcastic remarks

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A Reddit user wondered, “Welp… the investigation concluded that he violated (among other things) “the law,” so I guess that means he’ll go to jail.” Another shared, “No way!! Who saw that coming?”

Fun Fact

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Someone did not comment on the news per se, but they contributed to the conversation by wiring, “Fun Fact. Tucker Carlson’s father, Richard Carlson, was the Director of Voice Of America in the 80s and the Director of the United States Information Agency.”


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One Reddit poster added, “His supporters don’t care, and the ones who do are just ‘wElL dEmOcRaTs HaVe DoNe WoRsE.'”

Many knew

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Another alleged, “We knew this when Trump started trying to use VOA as an arm of his re-election campaign.” This person wrote, “Trump: I’ve never met this man a day in my life.” Someone concluded, “What would have been surprising and news would be a story noting that he’d been sent to jail and fined all his money.”

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