“Narrative of persecution”: Times reporter says Republicans’ January 6 hearing was “like being in an upside-down world”

New York Times Magazine reporter Robert Draper spoke about the Republican Party’s January 6 hearing, telling CNN Jim Acosta, “It was like being in an upside-down world.”

Draper’s impressions

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Draper told Acosta that “their narratives shapeshift, you know, even within a matter of seconds. Either the January 6 — what took place there was basically peaceful, or it was violent, but an Antifa kind of violence, or it was set up by the FBI, thus a feds problem.”

The ruling class versus Trump

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The reporter continued, “Basically, their point of view is that they are politically persecuted. There is a two-tier system of justice, but it’s not the well-off whites versus people of color. It’s the ruling class versus Trump supporters.”

Rewriting history

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Like with voting on basically deleting Trump’s impeachments, Draper said that “the fact that 58 percent of Republicans now believe that the peaceful demonstration aptly describes what took place on January 6 than violent insurrection.”

The issues of the House 

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He also shared, “They are much like the far-right that really controls the action in the House of Representatives.”

Draper claims that changing the narrative is vital for the elections

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The Times reporter continued, “The two leading candidates for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, both have indicated they may give pardon to January 6 defendants. They are shaping that initiative regardless of what one thinks of their views. They’ve attained a certain significance.”

They do not believe their eyes

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Acosta told the viewers and his guest how people who see legitimate videos from the riots still somehow see the rioters as victims. Draper explained, “Well because it fits into a greater narrative of persecution that a lot of Trump supporters feel about themselves and the former president,” adding that even when they see the actual footage, many Republicans will claim it was tampered with.

Whatever Trump says goes

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The Times journalist further claimed that another excuse was, “I have a video that beats your video.” He continued by saying that the narrative changes all the time, “It’s, you know, that video is very, very skewed. You are just talking about one area. Essentially again, their excuses shapeshift.”

More of the same 

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“Overall, the narrative is the same, which is that what President Trump says goes and what he says was that it was a peaceful, loving protest,” the reporter concluded. 

Gaetz held an event

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Florida representative Matt Gaetz held a 30-minute event, which the reporter said was actually a version of a hearing.

Popular theme

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One of the most popular excuses was made famous by Ohio’s representative Jim Jordan, and that’s the weaponization of government. This hearing helps build the narrative regarding the elections.

Trump’s at the center of it

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The former president and his alleged role are the center of it. Charges against the 45th president regarding his role in the riots were brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump’s facing over 90 charges

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Smith brought an indictment “with felony violations of our national security laws.” The Georgia charges are related to the election interference.

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