“The register is not soundproof”: Starbucks Worker Hears Customers Making Fun of Her And Asks For Bullying To End

The TikToker, named Blanca (@blnncaa) posted a video with a text caption that read, “The register is not soundproof. I can hear y’all making fun of my appearance and giggling.”

The Starbucks worker says customers are making fun of her appearance, adding “the register is not soundproof” as a way to encourage people to be more respectful.

“Y’all are too old, and it’s weird”

Blanca further explained in the video’s caption that she is trying to take orders and do her job. She stated that the people who do this are “too old” and “weird.” She added that they should stop trying to be a bully.

One commenter responded to the video acknowledging that the TikToker was ‘pretty.’ Blanca replied to the comment by providing further details on the back story. She wrote, “Today two girls came up to the register n started giggling and tell each other ‘Omg she’s so scary!!’ ‘right?? Omg,’”

Many Shared Their Own Stories About Being Bullied By Customers

Many viewers came to her defense and complimented her appearance. Several commenters supported her, telling her she was beautiful and did not deserve that kind of treatment. One commenter explained that the two girls were simply jealous and intimidated by the TikToker, with another person explaining that they would go to Starbucks every day just to see her if they could.

Other commenters mentioned how they would even fight for Blanca if it came to that!

However, many retail workers came forth and detailed their own painful experiences similar to Blanca’s, revealing that harassment and bullying in the workforce don’t come from just our co-workers.

One commenter explained, “I worked the register at Chipotle. Two grown girls were whispering and making fun of my height (I’m 6’1).”

Another commenter detailed their experiences of how they had to wear a pair of pants for their uniform that didn’t fit their shape well, and when they turned around to fix two girls’ drinks, they heard them giggling behind them.

Another retail worker explained how she would deliberately get the customer’s order wrong if she saw or heard them being mean to her or her co-workers. Just to get it wrong again if the mean customer came back to get it fixed.

@blnncaa i’m just trying to take people’s orders and do my job. stop trying to be a bully. we are too old for that & it’s weird #fyp #retail ♬ you have hot breath – ɢʟᴀᴍꜱᴋɪɪ

Retail Workers In Solidarity

Overall, most viewers supported Blanca and came together in solidarity about the bullying and harassment from customers that comes with working in retail. Experiences ranged from full-on disrespect, such as being called names, to more petty incidents, like customers making snide remarks.

One commenter, however, explained that while there is a possibility that the girls who made fun of her ARE insecure, that’s hardly ever the reason in these kinds of situations. They pointed out that everyone in the comment section was saying the girls were insecure or felt jealous of the Starbucks worker as a way to make themselves feel better. Still, there could be another, simpler reason why they were making fun of her: because they’re mean.

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