“The law should be 18 years old:” Trans woman warns don’t let children transition at 15

Kelly Cadigan started transitioning at 15. She is happy with her decision but believes it would be best to wait until a person is 18 to make this life-altering decision.

Kelly thinks she was lucky

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Talking to The Post, the young woman who spoofs trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney said, “I was very young to be making that decision, and I think I’m very lucky not to be one of the people who regret their decision to transition.”

She recently opened up about her heterodox views

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With nearly one million TikTok followers, Cadigan has a good platform to educate people. In March, she started talking about transitioning, earning positive and negative comments.

Cadigan’s childhood

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The 23-year-old woman grew up in a small town in southern Maine. She realized she did not belong in her body at 14 and underwent a “tough” period of transition.

Coming out

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Cadigan shared that coming out to her parents and “telling them I was trans was difficult.” However, she believes they only “wanted me to be happy.”

The therapy

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The family sought the help of a therapist, and after a year, the young woman started her transition with puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy.

House-hunting with her boyfriend

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Cadigan is happily in love and is house-hunting with her boyfriend. Despite the fortunate outcome, she acknowledged that things have dramatically changed in the past decade.

No final decision before 18

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The woman said, “I really think to be making these life-altering decisions, you should be 18 years of age.” She continued, “People always say I’m a hypocrite when I say that the law should be 18 years old to start hormones.” However, she has firm beliefs, as she shared, “We get kids going on these drugs with permanent changes for their bodies that they’re never going to be able to fix.”

Cadigan thinks activism backfired

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Despite her story, she says that the movement backfired: “We have so many kids that are going to school, learning these things, and thinking they’re trans or non-binary,” she continued. “I really think the visibility movement has just kind of backfired.”

Pressure on parents

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Cadigan further shared, “Culture is telling parents nowadays, ‘Oh, if you don’t support your kid in their transition, you’re a bigot, you’re a bad parent.’” But with children and parents under pressure, she thinks this is a “recipe for disaster.”

Cadigan tells her story by spoofing Dylan Mulvaney

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Influencer Dylan Mulvaney shared her 365 days since she finished her transition on TikTok. But Cadigan’s storytelling is more about what’s on the inside.

The betrayal goes both ways

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Some trans activists see her heterodox views “as a betrayal because I’m a part of their community.” Cadigan, on the other hand, also felt betrayed, “I truly feel like I was betrayed by my own community. If I can’t say my perspective based on my own experiences because they don’t align with your agenda, that’s a cult mentality.”

Despite everything, she has good support

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The young woman added, “I think there’s a lot more creators that agree with me and have my same beliefs, but they’re afraid to speak up just like I was.” She concluded, “I really do think something is coming in the trans community. I do think a clear cut in the sand is going to be drawn very soon.”

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