Texas GOP doubles down on white “Christian nationalism” as state “grows more purple”

The Constitution’s 1st Amendment clearly separates church and state. Furthermore, it does not favor one religion over another. But Republicans in Texas are pushing for a series of bills to impose Christianity into public schools as the state is turning more purple.

The Religious Right

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Traditionally red Texas, led by the religious right, continually claims that t”separation of church and state” is a concept outside the Constitution. Not only that, but the US is a Christian nation. However, the facts speak for themselves.

What it actually says

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The 1st Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” There is no such thing as a religion in the US. Christianity is just as valid as Islam, Judaism, or any other religion.

Koran in Congress

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Democratic representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, was sworn into Congress using the Koran, just like Michigan’s representative Rashida Tlaib. Raja Krishnamoorthi, a representative of Illinois, is a Hindu and was sworn in using Bhagavad Gita.

Far-right accused of pushing Christianity on Texans

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Texas and religion were topics of Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman’s article. He wrote, “Texas is growing more purple with each passing year, which is exactly why the Republican-dominated legislature is reasserting the right’s political and cultural power with ever more radically conservative law.”

Pushing religion into schools

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The columnist further said, “Part of that effort is a series of bills meant to impose not just religion, but Christianity, into public schools.” He continued, “One bill would allow schools to mandate ‘a period of prayer and Bible reading on each school day.'”

Ordering schools to talk about prayers

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Another says school personnel must be allowed to ‘engage in religious speech or prayer while on duty.'”

The bill regarding the Ten Commandments

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Waldman further said, “Yet another would allow schools to replace school counselors with ‘chaplains’ — no training or certification required. The centerpiece is the bill requiring the posting of the Ten Commandments, which has already passed the (Texas) State Senate.”

Harmful views on religious rights

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In the column, Waldman explained why this stance is harmful, “Christian nationalism rejects our legal and cultural tradition of religious pluralism. It holds that the United States was a Christian nation from its founding and that Christianity should be the basis of public policy and political power.” He also added how “Prominent national Republicans are increasingly emphasizing Christian-nationalist themes…. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) calls herself a ‘proud Christian nationalist.'”

Christian nationalist-inspired bills

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Waldman sees these bills as “the death rattle of a dying worldview.”

Texas is turning purple

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Talking to a Democrat, Waldman shared, “In some ways, the far right is like a wounded animal here in Texas.” He added that Texas is “becoming increasingly diverse, Texas is becoming younger, and that new Texas is not going to stand for these extreme policies.”

White Christian nationalism should’ve been over in 1791

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While Christian nationalists proudly support the Second Amendment, which only brought more grief over the past few years, they seem oblivious to religious freedoms.

Regardless of what happens now, it will not stick

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The US Constitution is not set in stone but is a live document. However, the 1st Amendment is one of the most cited worldwide, encouraging diversity and freedoms unlike anywhere else.

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