Ted Cruz gets mocked as “huge embarrassment” for sharing a remarkably misleading anti-Biden post

Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to shame the Biden administration but ended up being branded an “embarrassment” after publishing now viral X post.

Texas Senator went after the Biden administration

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The message Cruz retweeted had a video showing part of the border wall apparently held open. The original video’s caption said, “The Biden administration welded open the Trump border wall in Tucson, AZ. It’s not a crisis. It’s by design.” Cruz added, “This is nuts.” But it turned out to be something a bit different.

Fact-checking Cruz

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The gates were open due to the threat of flash floods. They could knock the wall over, so to avoid it, the gates were left open. Even more ironically, these policies come from Trump’s administration.

The event from January 2020 

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There were reports from the borders in the Washington Post in January 2020, but Cruz did not comment on it.

Cruz and the shark

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Not long ago, this August, Cruz fell for hoax footage allegedly depicting a shark swimming in the flooded waters of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles during tropical storm Hilary. This footage resurfaces as a stunt during many floods. Of course, the Senator was mocked, and his post ended up being fact-checked by X.

People are tired of Cruz’s behavior on X

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One person on Reddit wrote, “What has Cruz done for Texas except being a huge embarrassment? Don’t re-elect him!” Another wrote, “He artificially creates a personality to be liked. It’s widely known. He admits as much in interviews. He knew he wasn’t liked by people in school, and he started adjusting his personality to be more appealing to others. Not in a, I’m going to shift to adjust to my audience, but in a malicious, malfeasance way.”

Some claim Cruz knows what he’s doing

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This Reddit poster said, “He knows what he’s doing; it’s red meat for his supporters, and he doesn’t care that it’s a mischaracterization.”

Mocking Cruz

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Another chimed in, “Nah, no way Ted Cruz would ever tell a lie. Or flee to Cancun. Or incite violence. Or intentionally mislead the misled.”

Too old for posting

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One person shared, “This guy is too old to be using Twitter and falling for this stuff.” In response, another added, “But that’s exactly the demographic that falls for it… The old, technology strugglers that didn’t grow up fact-checking because all of their knowledge came from books.”

Some insults were more amusing than others

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Someone said, “Booger Eater Ted desperately wants to be one of the social media cool kids.” This Reddit poster wrote, “Sounds like Cruz wants to close those flood gates so the wall gets torn down.”

Going after the whole party

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One person was fed up, “Ted Cruz doesn’t care about the truth, the people who vote for him don’t care about the truth, and the broader Republican party doesn’t care about the truth. At some point, we have to realize these people aren’t even worth arguing with.”

Some were angry

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One Reddit user stated, “Why would he care, no one holds these people accountable. Nothing has a consequence for them.” Another recalled a previous incident, “The shark in flood water tweet is still the funniest one yet. That meme is so old, and he thought it was real.”

The triple X “like”

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In 2017, Cruz’s account “liked” a very naughty post, but he blamed the staff. Cruz explained someone on his team who had access to the account “inadvertently hit the like button.”

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