Mom Shows Up Early at Daycare and Is Shocked to See the Teacher Stomping and Yelling at Her Daughter for Not Laying Down

A woman named Kameron Ruth caught a daycare worker yelling and stomping her foot at her daughter….and she saw the whole thing.

In the TikToker video, Ruth said her “blood was boiling” when she saw her daughter being yelled at and the daycare worker stomping her feet when she stepped in to pick her daughter up early.

Her Daughter Got Up During Naptime Because She Saw Her Mom, But She Ended Up Making Her Teacher Angry

The TikToker explained that she went to pick her daughter up from daycare earlier than usual.

When she arrived, she saw that all of the children were sleeping during their naptime, so she decided to step in very quietly.

The teacher was facing the opposite way, so she didn’t notice Ruth step in, but her daughter did. 

“I made eye contact with my daughter, she wasn’t asleep yet,” Ruth said. “She sat up out of her cot because she saw her mom.”

However, the teacher noticed Ruth’s daughter was sitting up, and because she didn’t see Ruth yet, she immediately ordered the girl to lie back down.

She Only Stopped Yelling At The Girl When Ruth Made Her Presence Known

Her daughter didn’t lie down because she was still looking at her mom, who she knew was there to get her.

But the teacher wasn’t having any of it and – all the while not seeing Ruth – she began yelling at the little girl and angrily stomping towards her, asking the little girl, “What did she think she was doing.”

She didn’t stop yelling at the girl until Ruth made her presence known.

“I was like, ‘Hey, teacher, I’m right here,'” Ruth continued. “I did not know what to do. My blood started boiling.”

Ruth grabbed her daughter from the cot and started walking out of the daycare with the teacher following behind them and apologizing for what Ruth caught her doing.


just pulled her out of that center. my gosh y’all my blood is still boiling.

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Angry Mom Takes Action

Ruth mentioned that she emailed the director of the daycare and explained that she was pulling her child out of the daycare.

Many viewers were left wondering what happened after she had a meeting with the director, so Ruth posted a follow-up video sharing the details of the events afterward.

In the second part of the story, she explained that she, her ex-husband, and his wife, along with the assistant director had all been there for the meeting.

They replayed the camera footage that showed the daycare worker dealing harshly with the child, with Ruth describing it “looked so much worse on camera than how she described it to them.”

Overall, Ruth is satisfied with how the meeting went, explaining that not only was everyone infuriated after seeing the camera footage, but the director took the situation very seriously.

“The regional director ended up coming, and it seems like it wasn’t swept under the rug,” she said.

She explained that she still ended up pulling her daughter out of the facility but was still happy to see her concerns met with action.

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