Survey: Most Americans believe Trump tried to stay in office illegally

A new survey by CBS News/YouGov shows that the majority of Americans believe that Trump used illegal methods to stay in Office.

Most Americans believe that Trump tried to stay in Office illegally

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The new survey claims that 51 percent of Americans believe Trump tried to stay in Office through illegal means. In contrast, only 29% saw his actions as legal. The remaining 20 percent think that Trump did not intend to stay in Office following the 2020 elections.

What people think about the 2020 elections

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The poll was conducted to help understand how the public reacts to the numerous indictments against the former president. Trump’s latest indictment is related to the elections in 2020 and the events following up to the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. The former president pleaded not guilty. For MAGA Republicans, indictments feel personal and are seen as “an attack” on them.

For Democrats, it is about “defending democracy”

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Around 82% of Democrats think that the indictment represents “defending democracy” and “upholding the rule of law.” In contrast, about 86 percent of Republicans think it is meant to destroy Trump’s 2024 campaign.

The legitimacy of Biden’s victory

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Only a third of Republicans claimed that Biden’s victory was legitimate, while 97 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of Independent voters said he won without a doubt.

The inconsistencies among GOP voters

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The poll was conducted between August 2 and August 4, and it included 2145 US residents. Among those polled, a smaller group of people think that Biden won the elections, but Trump did nothing illegal. While most Republicans believe the charges against Trump are political, four in ten among them say that if Trump did try to overturn the election, it would be undermining democracy.

Overall conclusion

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The survey concluded that one-third of the US citizens think that Trump did not do anything illegal, and that’s because they believe Trump’s claim that the election was illegitimate in the first place. The poll shows there is a deep division among voters.

Among those who think Trump lost is DeSantis

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The presidential hopeful rejected Trump’s 2020 election claims, despite previously not giving a straight answer. The Florida Governor told NBC News that Biden is the president, yet he tried to avoid giving a definitive answer.

It took a while for DeSantis to admit

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Talking to Dasha Burns, DeSantis said, “Whoever puts their hand on the Bible on January 20 every four years is the winner.” But the host wanted more. DeSantis continued to discuss how he believed the previous presidential election could have been better. But the host pressed, and finally, DeSantis caved.

“Of course he lost”

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Burns told the Florida Governor, “Respectfully, you did not clearly answer that question.” She added, “And if you can’t give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not he lost —” DeSantis caved and stated, “No, of course he lost,” and added, “Joe Biden’s the president.”

DeSantis and Trump had a wonderful relationship 

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Long before DeSantis announced his presidential candidacy, Trump and the Florida governor had already lost what was once a beautiful friendship.

It is a bitter feud 

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At the beginning of June, Trump spent hours attacking the GOP presidential hopeful, and initially, DeSantis only responded by saying, “Leadership is not about entertainment.”

Things changed

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In the last months, Trump’s focus shifted to blasting DOJ, FBI, and Biden. DeSantis had other worries, like the infamous Florida Black history curriculum. Still, this latest statement will likely prompt a reaction from Trump, and it is unknown if DeSantis will fire back.

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