Transwoman creates a GoFundMe page to produce “transgender milk” – “Some kind of hellish Pandora’s box”

A recent viral video shows a transwoman saying she always wanted to lactate and needed money to afford another pump.

Offering “transgender milk”

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The transwoman claimed she would start a lactate medication and needed another pump. The transgender woman asked if someone had a good one to donate since she wanted to help families with babies but no milk to have some “transgender milk.”

It is possible 

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One drug provides levels of prolactin, the hormone which encourages milk production, effectively deceiving the body into making milk.

The woman in the video will have a lactation coach

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In the video, the transwoman further said she would work with a “lactation coach” while documenting it for social media. This was when she mentioned setting up a GoFundMe page, adding that if someone just gave her a pump, “that would be even better.”

The video from TikTok ended up on Twitter

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The original video was posted on TikTok but went viral after Libs of TikTok shared it on their Twitter page. The original poster recognized the video’s popularity and thanked people for their support on her TikTok, abbiepickles1.

Fame made her day

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She said that the video’s fame “made my day,” adding that all the videos will be about lactation, which was never done before. However,  In 2018, a 30-year-old transgender woman became the first known to breastfeed her baby and was able to produce 227 grams of milk a day.

The GoFundMe is still not linked

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Abbie’s page has a link to the cash app, but still no GoFundMe page. However, thanks to her latest video, there is a confirmation that the video was genuine, and the variety of reactions came as no surprise.

Twitter was filled with negative comments

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Under the video on Twitter, one person shared, “This is so demonic. People who still think the spiritual realm doesn’t exist seeing all this are willfully blind.”

More confusion 

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Another responded, “Uuummm… drugs are passed into breast milk…. so if a male baby gets milk from a biological male, is it going to develop breasts and start lactating?”

Someone called it a “fetish”

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One person wrote, “Women’s intimate spaces are violated, and women’s sports are invaded, and babies become props” They added, “All of these to satisfy the fetishes of autogynophiles (men’s sexual fetishes about being a woman).” The tweet ended, “Unfortunately, so many women have gone along with it to ‘be kind.'”

Many wondered what was going on

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One of the most viewed comments stated, “Were all these… er, people… walking among us unnoticed this whole time, or did we open some kind of hellish Pandora’s box in the last couple of years?”

The medication for lactating is actually made for nausea

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The medication the transwoman mentioned is used by transwomen who want to breastfeed, and it is an anti-nausea drug. The medicine is part of a cocktail and is also used by adoptive mothers or those who conceive a child via surrogacy.

Tricking the body into making milk

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The method for biological male lactating is a combination of medicines called the Newman-Goldfarb protocol. Apart from anti-nausea, other medications have been known to be helpful, including some heart and anti-psychotic drugs. Sharing milk was not uncommon in the past, and it is still a practiced method for new moms who cannot lactate. Having biological male produce is the unusual part.

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