Florida reporter calls “Poor Ron” DeSantis a “sullen reject” — “Sold his soul for nothing”

South Florida Sun Sentinel columnist Fred Grimm shared his views on DeSantis’ campaign through headlines and polls, and things look grim.

Listing the articles about DeSantis

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Grimm shared titles from some of the famous publications, like Politico or Newsweek, and all were less than flattering toward the Florida governor. The Guardian even had an article titled “DeSantis’s stalling campaign: how to lose friends and alienate people,” but things only got worse as Grimm started talking about numbers.

The initial boost

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Despite predictions, DeSantis never had the significant boost that was supposed to happen once he officially announced he was running for the GOP primaries.

It started with the announcement 

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Part of it has to be in the glitchy announcement made on Twitter Spaces, but it also appears that DeSantis waited too long to make things official. Everyone knew his intentions by the time he confirmed he was running for the 2024 president.

DeSantis’ policies became famous and infamous

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As Grimm noted, “Somehow, DeSantis has failed — so far — to captivate Republican voters despite his relentless exploitation of crafted-for-MAGA issues like race, abortion, immigration, guns, gender dysphoria, gay rights, drag queens, the Disney Company.”

Trump minus drama

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The columnist claims that DeSantis, trying to be Trump minus the drama, only made people stick with what they were familiar with – Trump original.

A bit of sarcasm never hurt

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Grimm further added some sarcasm by sharing how DeSantis “could have hardly been any meaner to transgender children or immigrant workers or Black voters. He even signed a flurry of death warrants, knowing how the Republican base loves executions.” The last part was regarding lowering the state’s death penalty threshold, allowing juries to recommend it without a unanimous vote.

Trump, on the other hand, is booming

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As noted, Trump jumped five points after the indictment. Grimm wrote, “Poor Ron sold his soul for nothing,” and shared the latest poll by FiveThirtyEight that claims Trump has 30 points over DeSantis.

The big question 

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This prompted a question, “If DeSantis behaved so odiously while his career was on the upswing, what can we expect when the governor slouches back to Tallahassee as a sullen reject?”

DeSantis’ ad that was supposed to boost Republican voters

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The journalist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who has been in the business since the 70s, also discussed DeSantis’ ad, made just in time for Pride month. The scary part was that the “brutish” video was not “brutish” enough for the MAGA Republicans, though there is a chance they do not see the need to replace Trump.

Florida cannot win

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The author also added that if Trump wins the elections, he might get revenge by going after DeSantis, and since he will remain the Governor until 2027, by default, Florida will pay the price.

“Petty bullies”

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Grimm called out both presidential hopefuls saying, “Hapless Floridians could be caught in the crossfire as the two pettiest bullies in American politics go at one another.”

DeSantis complained

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DeSantis said during an interview on Fox News on Thursday that “corporate media” are focusing on him because they do not want him to win the nomination. He wondered, “Who do they not want to be the nominee? They’re going after me.” He added, “I think if you look at all these people that are responsible for a lot of the ills in our society, they’re targeting me as the person they don’t want to see as the candidate.”

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