“We already had a plan to repay a student debt. It’s called a job”: Senator John Kennedy Trashes Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana pointed out, “we already had the plan to repay student debt. It’s called a job. And it was workin’ just fine.”

The Fox host Sean Hannity laughed as Kennedy made this remark.

Talking to Fox News, the Senator added, “For people who are in their 20s, their life expectancy will probably be 85 or 90. Does it really make sense to allow someone who’s in their 20s today to retire at 62?”

During his appearance on Hannity, Kennedy said that president Joe Biden’s best friend is inflation, explaining, “inflation loves President Biden like the devil loves sin.”

Democrat-turned-Republican, Kennedy added that forgiving student loads took his “breath away” and belongs in the “shredder.”

Student debt relief gives hope

Louisiana Senator also issued a letter claiming, “If you don’t have student debt, congratulations: Now you do. The president’s plan doesn’t forgive debt — it just transfers it to people who don’t owe it. This is not only unfair. It fuels the inflation machine that’s hurting Louisiana families.”

In August 2022, the White House announced a relief of up to $20,000 per federal borrower. Nearly 26 million people applied for this courageous move by the Biden administration. But, it earned Biden and Harris just as much disproval as it did admiration.

Kennedy graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, though he spent his first year at Louisiana Tech. He received a law degree from the University of Virginia and an advanced law degree from the University of Oxford.

Kennedy’s outrageous statement about life expectancy did not go well on social media

Many pointed out that life expectancy is not getting any higher, and reaching 90 is not in the cards. One Reddit user got over 2.4k upvotes for their comment, “Life expectancy has been steadily dropping as we collapse.”

Another echoed this statement, “Bad food, lack of energy and movement, the constant stress. I’m no doctor, but I know this. We sure as sh..t don’t age well.”

More shared their views, as one Reddit commentator said, “Kennedy hasn’t done a day of manual labor in his life. Yes, people like him will live to 90 because all he does every day is sit around like a slave master and pontificate about southern values!”

Another corrected the Senator: “Life expectancy in the US is 77 and dropping. Thanks in part to idiots like this guy.”

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Reactions went beyond life expectancy

One Reddit poster said, “All higher education should be free. All of it. All student debt should be quashed. All of it.”

Another wrote, “Republicans do not believe in retirement. They believe in the “work until you die” mentality of Stalinist Russia. Except for themselves, of course.”

Some were amused, “Says the guy that lives off of the government.”

Another shared, “Boomers’ last chance to completely sell out the younger generations after having the best of it all.”

More chimed in, “We Need Age Restrictions For Elected Officials. Every time this man pops up on my feed, I want to bop him in the face.”

Many wanted answers

A Reddit poster asked, “The real question – what to do about large student debt for people in their 50’s. Currently, America forces them to remain poor for the rest of their lives. We charge a large interest rate and refuse to allow for balance reductions. Is this morally acceptable?”

Another pondered, “With advances in technology and automation, shouldn’t we be lowering the retirement age?”

This person asked, “What jobs can someone in their 70s really do?”

The thread about Kennedy’s statement reached over 1.2k comments, with a vast majority being against his “out of touch” comments.

Updates on the student law forgiveness program

In an expected twist, Republicans say they will use budget office resolution to kill the student loan forgiveness plan.

Several Senators claim they will introduce a resolution under Congressional Budget Office to overturn the plan.

What do you think about Biden’s plan and do you find Kennedy’s words to be too harsh?

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