Republican voters don’t want “narcissist” as GOP nominee: “We don’t need a showman”

Trump is likely to win the GOP nomination, but many Republican voters are displeased with it, and they are finally speaking up.

Trump’s lead over DeSantis surpassing 40 percent

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A Monmouth University poll from September 26 revealed that Trump has 38 percent over DeSantis. Another polling by Morning Consult, from September 25, showed that Trump’s lead is around 43 percent.

Not everyone is thrilled

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The New York Times spoke to 13 GOP voters, and they revealed why they do not want Trump to be the party’s nominee in the 2024 elections. They are not alone, as former House Speaker Paul Ryan warned, nominating Trump is a sure loss for his party.

Too much negativity

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Times talked to a 55-year-old white woman from Michigan who shared, “When he lost the election, Georgia had a runoff election for two senators. And Republicans could have won those races. But Trump had so much negativity. At a certain point, you lost. Move on and help the people who still have a chance.”

Tantrums and narcissism

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“His tantrums, the narcissism — it’s too much. There has to be another person out there that is more responsible than this man,” explained a 45-year-old Latina from Virginia.


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Reed, a South Carolina resident, described Trump as “a great showman” before adding, “But that’s all he is.” And Deborah, a 60-year-old North Carolina woman, interjected, “But we don’t need a showman.”

More political division

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Utah resident Chad warned that if Trump wins the 2024 election, “It would cause even more political divide in the country.”

Fears of Civil War

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Deborah, a grandma, told the NYT focus group, “I told my grandkids I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Civil War because people get so divided over politics.”

Paul Ryan’s warning

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Ryan said, “The party that puts the first fresh face forward wins this election.” While at the event in Wisconsin, the Republican added, “I think leaders should endeavor to be honest, ethical, moral people who try to set standards for themselves and lead by example across the country.”

Not fit for the job

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Ryan continued, “Donald Trump doesn’t try to do any of that. He does the opposite, frankly. So I don’t think he’s fit for the job here.”He asked, “Do you think those suburban voters like Donald Trump more since January 6?”

Ryan on shutdown

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“There are a bunch of people who I think feel this is in their interest,” Ryan said of a shutdown. “So I fear that is going to happen.” “It’s nihilism, is what it is,” Ryan added. “We look like fools. We look like we can’t govern.”

Workers against Trump

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Reporter Tina-Desiree Berg from Status Coup News spoke to two members of the UAW. One said, “I don’t think that Trump is pro-labor,” adding, “He’s got a history, a very, very long sordid history of not paying his workers.”

People are watching

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“He’s got a lot of people kind of champing at the bit trying to get paid as it is now,” the worker continued. “It’s not paying his lawyers. So yeah, as far as labor is concerned, it doesn’t matter where he goes to speak. None of us are going to believe it.”

New York judge’s ruling

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Trump, who is facing more than 90 charges over four federal indictments, suffered a blow in a civil case in New York. The ruling, which comes ahead of a trial set for October 2, is a significant defeat for Trump, says Trump fraudulently inflated his net worth by up to $2.2 billion.

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