GOP’s Adam Kinzinger says “Trump is a coward” and suggests one Republican could “wipe the floor with him”

Former Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger believes that Trump is “scared to death” of debating against ONE Republican candidate, but Joe Walsh, a former congressman who left the Republican Party, thinks that Trump is skipping debates for different reasons.

Kinzinger’s predictions

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The former representative, now a senior CNN political commentator, stated, “Donald Trump is a coward. He’s scared to death of Chris Christie.” He added, “I think Chris Christie is gonna wipe the floor with him, and I think that’s what he’s afraid of.”

Bringing the show

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Kinzinger also shared that the former New Jersey governor could “bring the show and point out the cowardice of Donald Trump.” The former Illinois representative also blasted Trump for skipping the debates, and the reasoning goes beyond Chrisite.

Trump and GOP

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Kinizinger said, “The Republicans have done nothing but lose since Donald Trump, and so I think if he’s going to ask for their vote, he needs to come in front of them again and explain why, this time, instead of being a loser, he’ll be a winner. But he’s not gonna do it.” Other commentators speculated on the debate as well.

Scarborough echoed these sentiments

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Trump “will not have the guts to go or the nerve to go on stage with Chris Christie anywhere,” pointing out that the former New Jersey governor was a “ruthless” prosecutor. Christie taunted Trump and called him a coward, even predicting he would skip debates months ago.

But not everyone is convinced

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Joe Walsh, a former congressman from Illinois who left the Republican Party, said, “I agree with my friend Adam Kinzinger that Donald Trump is a coward. Completely.” However, he added, “Trump isn’t afraid of Chris Christie. Not at all. Christie is no threat to Trump, and Trump knows it.”

Trump is the story

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Walsh thinks the former president wants to skip a debate to make things more about himself. He wrote on X, “He’s skipping the debate bcuz he has to be THE story. And he thinks he’ll be a much bigger story if he’s not there.”

Christie tried to shame Trump into a debate

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“If what he was saying were true, which is that he’s got this great record as president and that he’s so far ahead, why wouldn’t you come on to the stage and take a victory lap,” Christie told on MSNBC and continued his taunting on X.

Certified loser, a verified coward

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“Surprise, surprise…the guy who is out on bail from four jurisdictions and can’t defend his reprehensible conduct is running scared and hiding from the debate stage,” the former New Jersey governor said in a post on X, adding, “Trump — certified loser, verified coward.”

The former governor mocked Trump following the Mar-a-Lago indictment

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Christie said, “He said the reason he didn’t give the documents back was that he was just so very busy, and he didn’t have time to respond to a grand jury subpoena because he needed to get his golf shirts and pants out of the box.”

Not buying it

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Regarding his defense, the former governor stated, ”I think the problem is going to be, for him over time, is that people are just not going to buy it.”

Trump confirmed his decision on Truth Social

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“The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!” the former president wrote.

Enter Carlson 

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Trump already recorded an interview with Tucker Carlson that was posted on X at the same time as the first primary GOP debate started. Trump skipped the second debate, and no one knows when or if he will even show up. 

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