Republican ad labels Donald Trump a Predator, “no excuse for sexual assault …unless you’re Trump”

An ad dropped on Twitter portraying the former President as an abuser and even including his infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, but it was not part of the Biden campaign.

Never Trump

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The group of Republicans and former Republicans gathered around the Never Trump movement and shared an ad on Twitter. The caption read, “Sometimes we mock Trump. Sometime,s we call out his clown show. On other days, the harm he’s caused. The pain he’s inflicted. The women he’s mistreated… And reminds us, Donald Trump can never be President again.”

The ad is highly provocative

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The ad states, “There’s no excuse for sexual assault and abuse, unless you’re Republican Donald Trump,” adding, “Supporting Donald Trump sends a message to every abuser.”

The past 

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It also shows a photo of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein and Trump’s Access Hollywood tape, where he said, “You can do anything. Whatever you want.”

No excuse

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The one-minute ad quickly went viral. Its first halt talks about physical, emotional, and even fatal abuse. Then a female voice says, “There’s no excuse for abuse… unless… “

Carroll’s case 

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This is where the ad shows Trump’s deposition, most likely Trump’s testimony before E. Jean Carroll’s trial against the former president.

Carroll won the case

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Despite Trump claiming he never met the writer and columnist and his legal team arguing that Trump never raped her, the judge disagreed. The GOP’s likely nominee for the elections in 2024 was found liable for battery and defamation.

If he can do it…

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The ad asks, “If he can do it, why shouldn’t they?” People were not surprised, with one Reddit poster saying, “Trump literally abuses people verbally from every microphone he steps to. So why would he not abuse people mentally and physically as well.” In a reply, a person wrote, “So many people just roll over and take it. If somebody spoke to me like that one time, I would give as good as I got and then some, but again and again, these gutless fools just will not stand up themselves.”

Accusations continued flowing

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Someone wrote, “Epstein’s old running buddy.” Another added, “And sexually, no pseudo sexually because as we all know rape and all it’s sick–a.. relatives aren’t about sex, it’s about harming the victim!” Another alleged, “He does have the Title of CONVICTED RAPIST now. So start announcing him as that.”

Never Trump movement

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The movement was started before Trump won the elections in 2016. It consists mainly of conservatives, who did not want to see him as GOP’s nominee. Recently, former Republican congressman from Illinois Joe Wash said that supporting Trump is not an option. That’s why some Republicans will back DeSantis, including “those who don’t like him and have reservations.”

Inside the movement

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Miami Herald’s Alex Roarty wrote, “A small but influential contingent of Republicans is grappling with a strategic dilemma.” Florida-based attorney Ron Filipkowski did not spare anyone’s feelings.

Better, not great

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Filipkowski said DeSantis was an a.. and “extreme right-winger who likes to play to the mob a little too much.” Still, the lawyer claimed he was better than Trump.

DeSantis is the number-one choice

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A conservative pollster, Sarah Longwell, claims the Florida governor might be a “bit of a monster.” She elaborated, “I think that inside of Ron DeSantis, there’s a bit of a secret normie. He’s a bit of a monster, he’s basically changed all his positions to chase the Republican Party.” Watch the ad. 

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