“Put Babies on the Endangered Species List,” Lauren Boebert’s Bizarre Idea Is the One For The Books

Far-right Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert is known for extremist, often bizarre statements. During a hearing on the Endangered Species Act, Boebert showed images of fetuses and asked colleagues from the Democratic Party whether they would “put babies on the endangered species list.”

In her opening statement, the Colorado Republican from Florida said, “Before my opening remarks, since we’re talking about the Endangered Species Act, I’m just wondering whether my colleagues on the other side would put babies on the endangered species list.”

She added, “For far too long, the Endangered Species Act has been weaponized by extremist environmentalists to obstruct common sense, multiple-use activities that they disagree with.”

Save the children

Regarding the images, Boebert said they were full-term babies born in Washington, D.C.

The Republican mom of four and grandma at 36 added, “I don’t know, maybe that’s a way we can save some children here in the United States.”

Replace gray wolves with fetuses

In legislation “Trust Science Act,” Boebert claimed that grey wolves should be removed from the endangered species list.

This would potentially lead to the hunting of Colorado grey wolves, and their numbers, around 200, suggested this might put them in danger of disappearing from the area.

The U.S. has over 330 million people

Many pointed out that there are over eight billion people on Earth, while fewer than 10,000 red pandas are left in the world, and fewer than 5,000 tigers.

The Endangered Species Act was started in 1973 after people noticed that a vast number of animals were being whipped out due to human actions.

The Endangered Species Act saved several species

The act, signed by Richard Nixon, led to the recovery of the bald eagle, Peregrine falcon, and gray wolf.

And since overturning Roe vs. Wade was successful in the United States, it is hard to understand why fetuses would be on that list.

People on social media were amused

On Reddit, this topic gathered many amusing comments.

One wrote, “Her brain cells should be on the endangered species list.” Another replied that it was too late.

Others challenged Boebert, “She’s a perfect example of why abortion could be a good thing in some cases.”

Another person shared, “The fact that a person this astoundingly stupid can be a representative in the federal government is yet more proof that there is no God. Or if there is one, it hates us.”

One person suggested, “Maybe she was showing off grandkid pictures?”

And this person argued:
“Let’s follow her logic just for a few more steps…

(1) human fetuses are an endangered species

(2) humans are NOT an endangered species

Hence, (3) human fetuses are NOT human. So it’s not murder.”

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Gun loving grandma

It is interesting that, like Marjorie Taylor Green, Boebert is very much pro-second amendment, despite the school shootings. Speaking of Greene, the two allegedly fought last week, with Boebert telling Fox News, ” I did not put my life on pause and leave my four boys and my now-grandson to come here and just get in spats with people.”

Regarding the mass shootings, Boebert stated on Fox, “When 9/11 happened, we didn’t ban planes, we secured the cockpit.”

Boebert also argued that rape victims need guns, not abortions. Newsweek wrote that the GOP congresswoman told the House that women “needed a Glock-19 when it happened.”

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