“Political sociopathic behavior:” Scaramucci says Trump “really wants to hurt people” and calls him a “grifter”

Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly worked as Trump’s White House communications director, called the former president a “grifter” and threw several more insults during his NBC interview.

Scaramucci talks about Sam Bankman-Fried

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Scaramucci talked about his connection to Sam Bankman-Fried, entrepreneur and the founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, charged with fraud.

Influential friends

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Scaramucci, who served as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017, told CBS how he escorted Bankman-Fried to meet various wealthy people worldwide to secure funding.

Comparing Trump and Bankman-Fried

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The NBC host Chuck Todd and Scaramucci talked about Bankman-Fried being a “grifter,” which prompted Todd to ask if Donald Trump was considered a “grifter.”

Surprising answer

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Scaramucci paused and then shared, “Yeah, he’s a different type of grifter than Sam Bankman-Fried.” He continued, “They have the same chemistry, these types of people. They objectify human beings. They don’t look at you or me as flesh and blood and develop empathy for us. They see us as either means to get them to a place they need to get to… or they’ll run over you with discrimination.”

Who is meaner?

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Scaramucci also shared another interesting remark, as he said that Trump is “meaner” than Bankman-Fried. He explained, “There’s something a little meaner about Donald Trump… because Donald Trump, he really wants to hurt people.”

No lost love

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“He excites the racism, he excites the division. Sam was really playing a video game and seeing if he could score more points than the rest of us. Donald Trump is more in that political sociopathic behavior where he wants power more than other things that are probably more important than power,” the former Trump associate concluded.

Jamie Raskin slams Trump

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One of the stars of the Democratic party, Jamie Raskin, said a reported new audio recording acquired by the Justice Department shows former President Trump had a “clear understanding” that he did not “magically” declassify documents taken from the White House.

Raskin on CNN

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Speaking to CNN, the star Democrat said, “Apparently, the recording also reflects Donald Trump’s knowledge that he had not declassified the document, so he knew that it was still classified. And that’s an additional element of importance to this recording.”

Sharp and witty

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Raskin concluded, “For a while at least, there was a half-hearted effort to claim, by Donald Trump, that he could just magically declassify, telepathically or mentally. And this seems to reflect his clear understanding that he had not declassified this document and that it was still classified.”

Trump takes heat from GOP rivals for congratulating Kim Jong

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Trump congratulated North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on his country’s appointment to the World Health Organization’s executive board. GOP nominees criticized their former leader. Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence said, “No one should be praising the dictator in North Korea or praising the leader of Russia who has launched an unprovoked war of aggression in Ukraine.”

DeSantis also shared his thoughts

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DeSantis said he was “surprised” to see Trump’s congratulations to Kim, who he characterized as a “murderous dictator.”

The Florida Governor then turned to the WHO 

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DeSantis added, “The World Health Organization is a bankrupt organization, like Kim Jong Un’s bad but then joining that. We need to be getting out of that and rejecting the WHO lockdown treaty, not congratulating [anyone] about being involved in the WHO.”

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