“Trump can’t win”, “We need new leadership” – Conservative Koch network releases ads targeting ex-president

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The ads against the former President, backed by the Koch network, were aimed at Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada voters. Billionaires against Trump In February 2023, the Koch Network announced they would support a GOP candidate “who can win.” The network, backed by Charles Koch, worth around 60 billion, argues that if Trump … Read more

“Donny, why don’t you say it directly to my face on the debate stage?” – Christie fires back at Trump after a series of insults

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Trump and former New Jersey governor, Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie, have been arguing for months, and Christie delivered an epic taunt in his latest interview. Trump called out Christie on Truth Social In one post, Trump wrote, “Sloppy Chris Christie, who is polling at 1% and left his State, New Jersey, with an Approval … Read more

“Plague of solemn silliness” – Reparations for Black Californians are filled with controversy, denials, and conflicts

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California is working on reparations for Black people whose ancestors were slaves, but the issue is increasingly dividing the nation. Criticizing the priorities The Wall Street Journal columnist Jason L. Riley wrote, “Reparations for slavery? California’s bad idea catches on,” as New York discusses following California’s example. The Washington Post’s conservative journalist George F. Will … Read more

Trump’s damning indictment is “a fraction of the evidence the government has amassed,” a reporter claims

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New York Times and CNN reporter Maggie Haberman revealed that the indictment, according to her sources, includes more damning proof against former president Donald Trump. Haberman’s revelations Haberman wrote on Twitter that “the indictment, according to multiple people familiar with the case, shows a fraction of the evidence the government has amassed.” The New York … Read more