Judge allows Georgia to continue executing ban on hormone replacement therapy for minors

Georgia can resume enforcing a ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender people under 18 following a federal appeals court blocking the ban.

Georgia AG was pleased

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A spokesperson for the Georgia attorney general, Kara Richardson, said in a statement the office was “pleased” with the ruling and “will continue fighting to protect the health and well-being of Georgia’s children.”

The Georgia law

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The Georgia law, Senate Bill 140, allows doctors to prescribe puberty-blocking medications for minors already receiving therapy. But, it bans new patients under 18 from starting hormone therapy or having gender-affirming surgeries.

U.S. District Judge Sarah Geraghty temporarily blocked the ban

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Geraghty granted a preliminary injunction, filed by parents and teachers of transgender children, blocking it on Aug. 20.

The same group is “disappointed”

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Parents and supporters of transgender youth were disappointed “primarily for the families who are unable to get the care they need in Georgia or make medical decisions based on the best interest of their children.”

The Alabama ruling

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The 11th Circuit judges who ruled on Alabama’s law said states have “a compelling interest in protecting children from drugs, particularly those for which there is uncertainty regarding benefits, recent surges in use, and irreversible effects.”

Puberty blockers are more common than surgeries

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Puberty blockers have been in use for a decade, and almost all significant doctors’ organizations in the U.S. Apart from gender-affirming care, the blockers are used for children who experience premature symptoms of puberty.

Divided opinions

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One Reddit person was angry, “The GOP is perfectly happy with breast implants, cheek, jaw, nose jobs, etc. at any age. It’s targeted harassment aimed at trans kids. Pure and simple.”

Some tried to understand the logic

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Another Reddit poster wrote, “If basically, every relevant expert in the country says gender-affirming care is life-saving—and lawmakers choose to step in and ban it anyway—they are implicitly accepting the deaths of those they are harming.” The same poster added, “We could speculate on why they’re targeting a small and already marginalized group, except they’ve made it perfectly clear to any honest, thinking person.”

Gun fetish

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One noticed, “Is it really surprising when they’re willing to let kids die just so they can have their gun fetish?” Another added, “Never mind what children, their parents, and doctors have to say, we want to get our hate on! Disgusting.”


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Someone asked, “On the basis of what, you fascists?” Another said, “They gotta stop young voters somehow. What are they supposed to do? Appeal to the majority and make humane policies?”

“Discriminatory intent”

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Another Reddit user expressed, “It’s so wild that they’re allowing it when it’s pretty blatantly b…. rooted in discriminatory intent. More cisgender kids receive the exact same hormones and puberty blockers and in greater numbers than trans kids, and have for decades, but the ban specifically only targets trans kids.”

Elections to blame

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One shared, “This really should not be looked at as anything other than the consequences of elections. Kemp won Georgia pretty handily, and thus, he gets to make the rules. I’m not giving a position on the issue, just facts on how states work. However, I think it would be a fair objection in a gerrymandered state like Wisconsin where legislatures are overruling democratically elected legislatures.”

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