No one in this country is above the law”: Republicans slam Trump in an ad, “…not even a former president”

Republican group announced it is launching a six-figure ad campaign to show people that the “rule of law still matters” and that the former President should be held accountable over alleged actions in the past seven years.

Targeting key states

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The Republican Accountability Project’s campaign, known as “Trump Rap Sheet,” will run 60-second ads on Fox News, among other activities, while targeting the largest cities in critical states, including Phoenix, Arizona; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Times Square billboard

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The project, according to USA Today, will also have a billboard on Times Square with Trump’s mugshot and all charges from across his four indictments.

The rule of law matters

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The ad “The rule of law matters” is already up, and it shows footage from Trump’s presidency, with the voiceover saying, ” In America, the rule of law still matters. And that’s why Donald Trump has been charged with 91 felonies in four separate cases.”

It emphasizes on Capitol riots

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The ad stated, “We’ve seen what happens when people start believing nothing matters.” The videos of rioters attacking Capitol police officers plays in the background, as the voiceover adds, “That’s why it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump was President of the United States. It doesn’t matter that he is currently running for the presidency.”

This is America

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“This is America, no one is above the law. That’s why it matters that Donald Trump faces consequences for his actions,” the video continued. 

Republican Accountability Project’s statement

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In a statement, the conservative anti-Trump group said, “Donald Trump has spent the last seven years acting like the rule of law doesn’t apply to him.” It continued, “We’re reminding the American people that no one in this country is above the law—not even a former president.”

The project was launched during Trump’s presidency

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In May 2020, the project was founded by Defending Democracy Together, described as ” a group of life-long Republicans dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic and upholding the rule of law.”

“The rule of law matters” ad gained positive comments

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On YouTube, the ad gained numerous positive comments, with one person stating, “He’s not running to be president, he’s running to stay out of prison.” Another said, “It finally feels like the ball of accountability has at least begun to roll.”

Some expressed concerns

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One wondered, “How to reach those that should matter the most?” Another stated, “Save America from MAGA.” One person explained how the party’s candidates changed, “George Bush and McCain are/were as centrist as you get. Both military pilots, honorably discharged, they have never changed, but the GOP now MAGA moved away from them.”

Trump got a date for the DC trial

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While legal experts are trying to figure out how to bring the 14 Amendment, section 3, into a discussion, the Judge overseeing the former President’s election interference case in federal court set a trial date for March 4, 2024. Judge Chutkan told Trump he should prioritize the trial over his campaign.

Trump lawyer argued

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John Lauro, Trump’s lawyer and part of the legal team who requested the trial date to be April 2026, said, “Mr. Trump is not above the law, but he is not below the law.” Lauro added, “We will not be able to provide adequate representation.”

The Judge was clear

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“Setting a trial date does not depend and should not depend on the defendant’s personal and professional obligations. Mr. Trump, like any defendant, will have to make the trial date work regardless of his schedule,” Chutkan said, according to The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell.

Watch the ad here: Youtube

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