“Newsom would just mop the floor with little Ronny:” Researchers find California governor would beat DeSantis in the elections despite not running

California governor Gavin Newsom has a bigger chance than Ron DeSantis of entering the White House on January 20, 2025, despite not even being in the race.

Gamblers predict winners

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PredictIt, a research project at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, allows gamblers to predict election outcomes. The Florida governor’s numbers have steadily declined since he announced his candidacy on Twitter in a less-than-thrilling manner. With new policies and Trump’s rise with each indictment, DeSantis is being left in the dust, though there is still plenty of time.

DeSantis’ numbers only further dropped after his latest anti-LGBTQ ad

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The promo for DeSantis was so bad that even George Santos criticized him. It shows former president Donald Trump’s small but better-than-nothing support for the LGBTQ community, but that’s not the worst part.

Even Santos complained 

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It used a speech Trump gave after 49 people were killed during the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Santos complained, “I used to think he was a great governor, but now, I’m starting to think differently.”

Other issues

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DeSantis’ ongoing battle with Disney is another reason he’s falling behind Trump. There are also issues like a six-week abortion ban, book bans, hiding his travel expenses, defunding colleges for DEI, and, as many pointed out, a lack of charisma and engagement with the crowds. 

From $0.35 to $0.24

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NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins tweeted the predictions and noted, “Gavin Newsom has a better chance of winning the presidency next year than Ron DeSantis.” While Newsom is not officially running, he is another reason for DeSantis’ decline in popularity.

Newsom on Fox 

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Furthermore, the California governor appeared on Fox’s “Hannity” to raise his national profile and praise President Biden. He proved his point and even got the Fox host to (somewhat) agree with him on some vital issues.

Biden’s value is dropping

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PredictIt showed that Biden is the frontrunner for winning the 2024 elections, but Trump is following him like a hawk. DeSantis’ numbers have fallen from $0.35 to $0.24, and it does not help that his peak was at the time of his long-awaited announcement.

Key differences

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The President is not engaging in petty feuds, while Trump uses Truth Social to exercise his free speech, perhaps a bit too harshly, some would argue (calling for Special Counsel Jack Smith to be “put out to rest” comes to mind).

DeSantis is fighting the wrong guys

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While DeSantis is attacking California’s governor and anything “woke,” Trump has his army of legislators doing their part while focusing on spreading buzzwords to his voters. Trump does not shy away from mocking DeSantis and even went as far as repeating that he made DeSantis’ career or giving him nicknames. 

Reddit agrees with PredictIt

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One person simply wrote, “Ron DeSantis is such a catastrophic failure.” Another asked, “Yeah, dunno what the people of Florida were thinking.” Someone joked, “Newsom would just mop the floor with little Ronny.”

Some joked

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This person poked fun at Moms For Liberty, “Desantis should join Karen’s for liberty or whatever it’s called,” with a reply saying, “Ah yes, Klanned Karenhood.”

Some had other ideas

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Someone alleged, “Newsom will run and win because Biden will bow out in October. It is written!” But, people were cool with it, “I don’t really know much about him, but I saw a clip of him talking, and he said something along the lines of ‘I don’t like bullies, I don’t like people who demean people.'” This person warned, “Remember 2016?? Don’t get lazy, America.”

And more predictions

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This Reddit poster alleged, “When Trump drops out, Desantis will take over. He still can’t win, especially with all the inevitable Trump write-ins.” Another warning was shot, “Everyone needs to take his run for POTUS seriously, or else he has a good chance to sneak in the way Trump did.”

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