Clarence Thomas, who accepted expensive gifts from a billionaire, claims a law against bribes is too vague

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Clarence Thomas, who accepted expensive gifts from a billionaire, claims a law against bribes is too vague Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas shared that a law prohibiting bribe-taking is too unclear to enforce. Thomas was accused of receiving extravagant gifts and luxury vacations from a billionaire for years. Clarence Thomas scandal U.S. Supreme Court Justice … Read more

Trump’s return to CNN backfires as voters want to know more about the current issues – “Couldn’t the media ask him a question about 2024?”

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The audience attending CNN’s Wednesday town hall interview with Donald Trump was not pleased since there was too much talk about the 2020 elections and less focus on the current issues. CNN went among the crowd CNN national correspondent Gary Tuchman asked voters to raise their hands if they thought Trump looked better, worse, or … Read more

“People were actually crying”: Trump mercilessly mocked after claiming Manhattan courtroom workers cried over charges against him

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People across social media platforms mocked the former president for claiming that “people were actually crying” when he was arrested and indicted in a New York courtroom. Donald Trump’s latest interview with Tucker Carlson Trump gave several interesting statements during his past Fox interview with Carlson. But not even his environmental efforts caused so much … Read more

“GOP is having a hell of a week of consequences and I’m here for it” – Savage reactions to George Santos’ arrest

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George Santos was arrested after surrendering himself to authorities at a federal court on Long Island. But, despite the seriousness of the situation, people find ways to make this arrest amusing. Santos’ charges The controversial congressman for New York’s third district has been charged with seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, … Read more

Man catches son having dinner with in-laws despite canceling Mother’s Day visit for work, then goes on to bash him publicly on Facebook – “They should adopt him”

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A father of a 23-year-old man complained to the internet about whether his decision to call out the son on Facebook was justified. In a Reddit thread AITA, the man told the posters that the son is happily married and his in-laws “adore him.” The young couple made plans to visit the son’s parents but … Read more

In DeSantis’ Florida, School Principal Was Forced To Resign After Complaints Over “Por…graphic” Sculpture of David

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After kids were exposed to the world-famous Michelangelo’s David, at least one parent complained the children had been exposed to adult material. Forced to resign Hope Carrasquilla was forced to resign as a Tallahassee Classical school principal. Carrasquilla had two choices: either to leave or to be fired. Parents are always right Carrasquilla had to … Read more

Donald Trump attacks the IRS after even more suspicions of tax fraud – “The price you pay for being honest in the USA of today”

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In his clip shared on Truth Social, Donald Trump talked about “deals” he made, but were broken, alleging that President Biden is taking “advantage of the government.” Accusations against Joe Biden Trump said, “Most people would say that after watching the Biden family take advantage of the government, I should have made a deal during … Read more

Is Tucker Carlson’s bombshell exit connected to Abby Grossberg’s lawsuit?

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Tucker Carlson and Fox News parted ways in a surprising twist following the Dominion settlement. However, this news also came a month after Abby Grossberg accused him and Fox News executives of running “a work environment that subjugates women based on vile sexist stereotypes.” Carlson was allegedly fired Numerous publications, including LA Times, alleged that … Read more

“Fox News caved to the woke mob and fired Tucker Carlson” – Did Marjorie Taylor Green Just Confirm Carlson Was Kicked Out From Fox?

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Tucker Carlson and Fox News parted ways in a surprising twist following the Dominion settlement. No one knows the details, but it appears that Carlson was fired, as Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that Fox caved and “fired Tucker Carlson.” Greene stands with Carlson The Georgia representative initially shared that she stands with Tucker Carlson “Wherever … Read more