“They don’t want to say out loud why they don’t like it”: Conservative Writer Fails at Definining “WOKE”

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Bethany Mandel made waves after trying but failed to answer what she considered woke. The conservative author, commentator, and the mom-of-five predicted the clip would go viral. Mandel complained that the protestors destroyed her book launch in NYC. The book, titled “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” was co-written with … Read more

“Ron DeSantis offers white nationalism for the country club crowd,” former Republican former representative from Florida says

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David Jolly, a former representative from Florida, gave his insight into growing white nationalism and explained the vital difference between Trump’s and DeSantis’s perspectives. White supremacy in the military Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville recently spoke about white nationalists, declaring, “I call them Americans,” AL.com reported. Senator blamed the Democrats, Biden  He continued, “We are losing … Read more

“Dangerous and reprehensible” – Emails from Trump’s campaign sparked Nazi comparisons, and people noticed a troubling trend

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Trump’s campaign faced accusations of antisemitism, and people across social media shared red flags that could damage the former President’s political career beyond indictments. Biden controlled by a puppet master A Newsweek reported that an email to supporters portrayed the President as a puppet controlled by an evil genius. That genius was Democratic megadonor George … Read more

Disney’s Bob Iger fires back at DeSantis for suggesting the company is sexualizing children – “Preposterous” and “Inaccurate”

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During the ongoing battle with Disney and DeSantis, the GOP’s presidential hopeful suggested that the company was sexualizing children on more than one occasion, so Disney’s CEO had to step in. Iger called the claims “preposterous” Disney’s CEO Bob Iger talked to CNBC’s David Faber about DeSantis’ attacks and said, “The notion that Disney is … Read more

School district hiding kids’ gender identities makes dad furious – “You support the school keeping secrets from parents?”

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A dad from North Dakota, Brad Shaffer, who became famous for his speech in front of the school board, warned parents that hiding kids’ gender identities is “ludicrous.” The school board meeting During the school board meeting in Fargo Public Schools, Shaffer was among several parents who spoke against the policy that kept parents in … Read more

Christian College reportedly fired gay coach over social media posts saying that LGBTQ people belong in the church

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Geneva College, a Christian education institution in Ohio, fired a gay coach, allegedly over private Instagram posts in which the coach claimed that “Jesus is radically inclusive.” The coach shared her experience Kelsey Morrison, who was a coach for the women’s soccer team, talked to Baptist News Global about the incidents that transpired and how … Read more