School district hiding kids’ gender identities makes dad furious – “You support the school keeping secrets from parents?”

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A dad from North Dakota, Brad Shaffer, who became famous for his speech in front of the school board, warned parents that hiding kids’ gender identities is “ludicrous.” The school board meeting During the school board meeting in Fargo Public Schools, Shaffer was among several parents who spoke against the policy that kept parents in … Read more

Christian College reportedly fired gay coach over social media posts saying that LGBTQ people belong in the church

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Geneva College, a Christian education institution in Ohio, fired a gay coach, allegedly over private Instagram posts in which the coach claimed that “Jesus is radically inclusive.” The coach shared her experience Kelsey Morrison, who was a coach for the women’s soccer team, talked to Baptist News Global about the incidents that transpired and how … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene fact-checked by Twitter users, reminded who was POTUS in 2020

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Georgia’s representative attacked the president, but this time she did not talk about “the Biden family crimes.” She blamed POTUS for Covid-19 restrictions which were implemented during Trump’s presidency. Communist Joe? Greene tweeted, “You did all of that during your communist COVID shutdowns. Don’t do it again to the American people, Joe” She continued, “Come … Read more

“Trump can’t win”, “We need new leadership” – Conservative Koch network releases ads targeting ex-president

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The ads against the former President, backed by the Koch network, were aimed at Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada voters. Billionaires against Trump In February 2023, the Koch Network announced they would support a GOP candidate “who can win.” The network, backed by Charles Koch, worth around 60 billion, argues that if Trump … Read more