Mother Brought Her Dead Toddler To Daycare, Acting Like He Was Sleeping

A TikTok user shared a disturbing story about a mom who brought a dead child into daycare.

Oklahoma-based TikTok user, whose handle is @kyladiane, shared that the boy was sent home one day after throwing up. The mother was told to take the child to the doctor and to return only once the doctor gave the green light.

After a few days, the mother still did not provide the doctor’s note, but she showed up to drop off the baby.

The staff member allowed the mother to leave the baby boy. The mother said, “I gave him some medicine, he’s asleep right now, and he’ll probably be sleeping for a little while.” The staff member said that was okay.

The director called to check in, and the same staff member named all babies who were in their care at that moment. Once the director heard the boy’s name, she was annoyed because the mother did not bring in the doctor’s note.

The director then told the staff member to check up on the child. Once the daycare worker saw the child, she noticed there was no movement. It was clear that the child was gone for hours.

However, the mother did not kill the child. The TikTok poster shared how the child had been sick his whole short life. When the autopsy came back, the boy had water in his brain and died of natural causes.

The mother has a history of mental illness. As @kyladiane explained, when the mother found her child, she freaked out and brought him to the daycare.

The poster called it the “craziest, most irrational thing.”

The viral clip has since amassed over 21 million views on TikTok and gathered thousands of comments.

People felt sorry for the staff and for the child, with one person writing, “This is so sad and devastating for your staff to experience. Sending love to all of you.”

Another shared, “Poor woman was probably in shock, and that’s why she brought the kid in.”

A TikTok poster echoed this sentiment, “That’s heartbreaking, that poor mother.”

@kyladiane Replying to @_dumbbitchjuice_ Story time guys🙂 #blacktiktok #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound – Kyla

Many agreed that the mother was in shock, and the original poster added that the mother did not go to jail, as there were no signs of anything but the baby dying of natural causes.

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