Moondoubters Beware: 15 Simple Science Facts Debunks All The “Evidence” Of a Conspiracy

There are many things a curious mind should question. However, the moon landing is not among them, despite relatively recent claims, all proven false. If you still want to tickle your mind, here is a question: if the US government faked the moon landing for reasons unknown, don’t you think that other enormous forces, including Russia and China, would expose it by now?

Now that you got that out of the system, here is all you need to know, just in case you find yourself in the company of a conspiracy theorist.

Neil Armstrong’s space boot 

the footprint on the moon doesn t match the tread of neil armstrong s boot photo u1 1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

The bootprint is among the most puzzling among the most famous NASA Apollo mission photos. If your favorite conspiracy theorist claims it is not Armstrong’s print, they are correct. The space boot of Buzz Aldrin left the image print in the lunar dust. The image is genuine, but the moon bootprint belongs to Aldrin, not Armstrong.

The waving flag

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Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

A video from the moon landing shows that the US flag is waving. There is no atmosphere, which could only mean one thing: Aldrin and Armstrong had a technical difficulty. As they set up the flag, “a small telescoping arm was attached to the flagpole to keep it extended and perpendicular. As hard as we tried, the telescope wouldn’t fully extend. Thus the flag, which should have been flat, had its own permanent wave,” Aldrin recalled.

Exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belts

jrtj5 675x1200 1
Illustration. Image credit: Shutterstock

The Van Allen radiation belts surround the Earth, so NASA ensured to launch the Apollo 11 when these radiation belts were at their lowest intensity. The crew was exposed to similar radiation levels as if from an X-ray. If NASA miscalculated, the crew would be fried.

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Apollo 16’s letter C

the c rock is a stage prop photo u2
Photo: NASA / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

In an image from Apollo 16’s mission, a rock appears with the letter C. This letter does not appear in the original photos or the negatives. It was concluded it was fiber or hair that somehow got caught in the machine during the copying process.

Where are the stars?

why are there not any stars in the pictures photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

Based on all the photos, stargazing is much brighter and more vivid than merely walking on the Moon. As NASA explained, “Setting a camera with the proper exposure for a glaring spacesuit would naturally render background stars too faint to see.” In other words, the astronauts appear brighter than the background, and light reflected from the Moon’s surface did not help the case of missing background.

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The Moon shadows

there were multiple light sources photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

In the images of Apollo 11, there are multiple shadows. In 2014, Nvidia, a computer graphics chipmaker company, analyzed the original material and concluded, “There is a huge glowing bright white light. And as we analyzed that video a little more, we realized it was Neil Armstrong himself. The bright white spacesuit he was wearing reflected all that sunlight off of him and back onto Buzz Aldrin, so essentially, Neil Armstrong himself was a light source in that scene.”

The Moon rocks

21654854445 08aa9005b7 o scaled
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

After Apollo 11 safely returned with the Moon rocks, these samples were donated to 135 countries. One specimen was gifted to the Dutch prime minister, who cared for it until he died in 1988. After, it was handed to Rijksmuseum. It turned out to be petrified wood. This could be a mistake, but if you still have doubts, numerous Moon rocks exist worldwide.

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Why are we not visiting the Moon more frequently?

why haven t we returned to the moon photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

As with anything involving the scientific world, the reason for not going to the Moon now and then is the money. The Apollo program’s cost was $25 billion. In today’s world, that would be approximately $110 billion.

Can you see the Moon’s memorabilia?

why couldn t they use the hubble telescope to prove they were on the moon photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is powerful enough to catch beautiful details from the Moon. Unfortunately, no telescope on Earth is powerful enough to spot any of the objects left behind. Not even the Hubble could see what was left on the Moon.

Many images of the Moon landing are blurry

why are there so many blurry photos photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

NASA released the photos without overthinking. Some images are blurry, and until the next mission, you have to accept that the Moon landing was a long time ago, and despite all the technology, not all pictures were perfect.

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Why wasn’t there a blast? 

why isn t there a blast crater beneath the landing module photo u1 1
“Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0”

After the lunar module landed, photos show that there was no blast crater or noticeable signs of disturbance in the lunar regolith. The lower gravity was responsible for this. If NASA wanted to create a hoax, there would be a gigantic crater, as seen in Hollywood blockbusters. 

Who took Aldrin’s photo?

who took that photograph of buzz aldrin photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

In the celebrated photo, neither Aldrin nor Armstrong held cameras. That’s the truth, but only because the cameras were mounted on the chest area of their spacesuits.

The reflectors on the Moon

the conspiracy theory has no explanation for reflectors photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

There are five reflecting panels on the Moon. Apollo 11 and 14 crews delivered two in 1969 and 1971. Lunar reflectors or retroreflectors work when astronomers fire laser pulses at the reflectors and receive a return pulse. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong left one final item, the Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array, a two-foot wide panel containing a hundred mirrors. The mirrors help to measure the Earth-Moon distance and “learn about the Moon’s orbit and to test theories of gravity.”

The Soviet Union congratulated Apollo 11 crew

if a hoax it would be the best kept secret in the history of mankind photo u1
Photo: Project Apollo Archive / Flickr / Public Domain Mark 1.0

Despite the Cold War, the Soviet Union congratulated Apollo 11 for its successful landing. If NASA had even tried to pull a fake Moon landing, NASA would have been busted a long time ago.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has all the proof

jrbtj5 675x1200 1
Illustration. Image credit: Shutterstock

Despite some claiming it was all a hoax, the Moon landing happened, and it remained one of the most magnificent things ever. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is still on the dark side of the Moon, sitting in the moondust, waiting for naysayers to believe their eyes.