Mom Puts Sign on Daughter’s Back When They Go Buying Groceries to Prevent People From Judging Them

Every parent is trying their hardest to do what is best for their children. But sometimes, the methods we choose to do so are met with side-eyes and criticism way before anyone has the whole picture.

Mom Puts Sign On Daughter’s Back So People Wouldn’t “Talk Sh..t” On Social Media

A single mother decided to prepare the water before she was met with the fire. 

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez decided that during the COVID-19 pandemic, she would make her daughter wear a sign explaining why her daughter wasn’t at home during a pandemic that claimed over 6 million lives.

Her reasoning? So “dumba…es wouldn’t talk sh..t on social media”.

Resendez Claims She Is Just ‘Too Stressed’ To Deal With Everyone’s Judgement

Resendez posted the sign to Facebook, already taped to her daughter’s, BellaRose, back as she sat in a shopping cart to go grocery shopping with her mother.

The sign read, “I am only five. I can’t stay home alone, so I have to buy groceries with Mommy… Before you start judging, stay back 6 feet.”

Resendez also shared the other safety measures she was taking to keep her and her daughter safe, including wearing gloves, tightened masks, and sanitizing the entire shopping cart before they used it to put their items in. 

With everything else going on, Resendez mentioned that she was under too much stress already and didn’t need someone judging her or casting accusatory glances her way while she tried to shop.

Many Tell Resendez They’re In The Same Boat

Many on Facebook, including other single moms and parents, praised the mom for her unconventional way of explaining her situation to others. 

Many expressed that they were in the same boat as Resendez and were tired of being looked at as a ‘bad guy’ by complete strangers simply because they could not afford to leave their children home alone.

According to TODAY, Resendez was happy that so many people resonated with her message. She claimed she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the positive responses she received and also by all the people who understood her.

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