“Mercy-kill the GOP:” Republican who voted for Trump clarifies why he left “the politically traumatic world of Trump/MAGA/GOP”

Rich Logis, a former Republican pundit who voted for Trump twice, talked to Salon and warned that Trump’s second presidency “is a risk we must not take.”

Perfect Our Union

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Logis is the founder of Perfect Our Union, an organization dedicated to healing political trauma, building democratic alliances, and perfecting our Union. He is also a self-described “Remorseful Trump/DeSantis/MAGA voter.”


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Speaking to Salon, he declared, “Trump is partly responsible for the insurrection; the justification of politically motivated violence was one of the reasons I left behind the politically traumatic world of Trump/MAGA/GOP.”

Logis on January 6 potential charges

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The former GOP pundit believes that “Jack Smith’s January 6 charges are going to be bad,” adding he would not be surprised if Smith charges Trump with “seditious conspiracy or treason.” Logis said, “Smith knows he must show evidence that Trump knows he lost the 2020 election, and I am certain Smith will provide such proof.”

This is not the first time the former Republican has spoken up

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A columnist for numerous publications previously wrote for Salon, “Put the Republican Party out of its misery. Kill it electorally. Finish it off.” He was referring to the media and how left and left-leaning press do not understand the mind of a GOP voter.

Calling it a “paranoid existence”

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The journalist wrote, “Those reporters and editors have not lived a right-wing, politically traumatizing, mythological, fantastical, hysterical and paranoid existence.”

Holding Trump accountable is necessary

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The author told Salon, “Holding Trump legally accountable is mandatory if we, as a nation, are going to overcome the mistake of Trump’s election.” Instead of worrying about Biden’s age, the journalist claims Democrats should be more worried about millions of apolitical Americans, and he warns, “Because of the Electoral College, Trump was much closer to winning in 2020 than the Democratic Party wants to acknowledge. Biden’s re-election is not guaranteed.”

Americans would not survive Trump’s second coming

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Logis repeated, “The most beneficial outcome for the country is to electorally mercy-kill the GOP. We must be patient in affliction, simultaneously bringing the good news of conserving democracy to the afflicted.”

Too risky

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He added, “America has survived one Trump presidency. But another? It is a risk we must not take.”

Modern-day Republican Party

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The conservative writer also made claims that “the modern-day Republican Party is a destructive force.” He even argued against the Second Amendment because, as he wrote in the New Republic, “it now enables bloodshed beyond anything the Founders might have imagined or been willing to endure.” He explained he was a “gun owner who despairs at the mayhem and yearns for something better.”

Learning experience

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Logis wrote on his website that he does not regret following the modern GOP until 2022. Instead, “I am grateful to have left behind that world of extreme partisanship, which brought out the worst in me and created many blind spots; I don’t regret my time as a pundit, however, because it was an immensely valuable learning experience.”

Another chilling warning 

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Christopher R. Browning, a historian of Nazi Germany at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, wrote for The Atlantic, “The last months of the Trump presidency foreshadowed what a second term would entail.” The historian refused to label Trump before.

Barr and Esper refused to cross the line

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Still, now he has plenty to say, “When formerly loyal vassals such as Attorney General William Barr and Defense Secretary Mark Esper demonstrated that they would not cross the line into an unconstitutional insurgency, Trump sought sycophants for whom no such line existed. In a new Trump administration, total devotion to the leader would be the sole qualification for appointment.”

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