“I kind of laughed it off at first until she started crying”: Man Gets Shocked When ‘Lesbian‘ Friend Says She Has Feelings For Him

“Just to give some context: I have known this girl (let’s call her K) since we were 14.”

A man is left confused after his “gay” best friend admitted she had feelings for him. 

OP Had A Crush On His Friend….Then She Came Out As Lesbian

His post on the r/relationshipadvice subreddit starts off with him explaining that he met K when they were paired up for a group project.

Over time, he started to develop a crush on her, and in his sophomore year of high school, he decided to ask her to the homecoming dance.

She said ‘yes’ and they had a great night, though he mentions that it didn’t lead to anything. He ended up getting “the sense” that she didn’t like him the way he liked her, and in their junior year, she came out as a lesbian.

 “Honestly, I wasn’t super surprised but I was a little heartbroken,” he wrote, “I decided to put all my feelings away and just be supportive.”

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He Moved On And Started Dating Another Girl

He moved on and started enjoying his senior year. He started dating someone the summer before the school year started(which he gives props to K for). 

Everything was going well until the pandemic, and his girlfriend broke up with him because she couldn’t handle a relationship at the time.

“I was sad about that but more upset that I was gonna miss things like Prom and senior trip.”

K knew he was upset and invited him over for a fake prom, which consisted of them getting dressed up for photos before they went inside to play some video games and watch movies together.

 “She even bought some of my favorite snacks. Still, probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

Fast forward to the OP’s first year of college, which he explained “sucked” since nothing noteworthy or exciting happened. K started dating a girl who the OP says he was sure hated him for some reason.

They ended up breaking up and the OP mentions this is where his story gets exciting.

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His Best Friend Tells Him She Might Be Bisexual. Confesses Her Feelings For Him

The OP and K decided to get a place together near the campus of the school they were attending.

So far, everything was going really well, with the OP explaining that his favorite thing about living together so far has been the late-night talks they have.

Until one night, K brings up that she might be “bisexual”Bi”. She tells the OP that she hook up with a random guy, which presumably helped her to realize that she had feelings for the OP.

“I kind of laughed it off at first until she started crying,” he wrote, “She said she started having feelings for me a month ago and was super confused about her sexuality.”

He apologized for laughing and told her they would talk about it tomorrow.

However, before they have the talk, the OP wanted to ask other Redditors what he should do. He said that this is a dream come true but that he couldn’t help feeling hesitant and anxious, and he didn’t want to do or say anything that could ruin their friendship forever.

One Redditor wrote, “Be open and honest with her. However things go, honesty is by far the best thing for you both. This “new” feeling of hers might by why the girl she was dating hated you. She could see what you and K couldn’t.”

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