Lifelong Republican drops out of race for White House and slams Trump – “laughingstock”

A lifelong Republican, who was until recently presidential hopeful Steve Laffey, announced he’s dropping out of the race and leaving the party over Trump.

Laffey gave an insightful interview

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The former mayor of Cranston, who entered the 2024 race, spoke to ABC News, where he announced significant changes. He did not make decisions lightly but is fed up with Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

Laffey on Trump

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The Republican, who plans to register as an Independent, believes the former president should be in jail. He shared, “He’s an authoritarian figure who’s getting stronger.”

The party is dead

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Laffey explained to ABC, “I don’t have an avenue to tell people with a straight face, ‘It’s now October – how do I take off and take New Hampshire and keep going?’ But at the same time, I’m telling people the GOP is dead.”

There is no hope

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Laffey expressed there is “no hope” for the Republican party and singled out Matt Gaetz as an example of Trump’s influence. Gaetz, a Florida Republican, was the one who introduced McCarthy’s ousting. To get enough votes, he and seven other Republicans joined Democrats.

Laffey is in no rush

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The now-former presidential hopeful will take time to travel with his family. However, he will not leave the politics, as he told ABC News, “You haven’t heard the last from me. It just won’t be, at least for now, as a Republican candidate for president and won’t be as a Republican.”

He believes there’s more he can do

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Laffey concluded, “I still think there’s a body of work that I can contribute to. I don’t know what it’s exactly going to be, I wish I did.”

The politician raised a small amount

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According to his FEC filing, the former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, has raised just $18,589.04 with $106,484.95 cash on hand at the end of the second quarter.

Vocal Anti-Trump conservative

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In one of his latest posts on X, he wrote, “CPAC also has lost its way. Maybe he will discuss his love for Hugo Chavez, and people will clap. Maybe Putin will be invited. Sick stuff. “

He commented on news related to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be the lead speaker at a Conservative Political Action Conference event. CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp praised him in a statement, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a unique voice in advocating for the defunding of the weaponized bureaucracy and ensuring the constitutional right of medical freedom.”

No lost love

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Laffey’s press release said that the Republican party is now a “laughingstock” living in the “shadow” of former president Trump. The father of six and lifelong Republican shared, “However, what I’ve witnessed since 2015 has made it clear that our political sphere has deviated far from its ideals.”

Laffey’s dissapoitnemnt

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The former presidential hopeful shared that after the jury found Trump liable for sexual battery against E.Jean Carroll, it should have made Christians “galvanize” against him.

Trump will likely win the primaries

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The former president holds around 30 points over the second-place candidate, with recent polling from Suffolk University, The Boston Globe, and USA Today showing Trump receiving 49 percent of GOP voters.

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