Lia Thomas is “so well-endowed” Riley Gaines told Bill Maher she had to “refrain from looking”

In Bill Maher’s podcast, Riley Gaines shared that transgender swimmer, Lia Thomson, is so “well-endowed” that she had to “refrain from looking.”

Gaines reveals it all in Bill Maher’s podcast

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The former swimming champion and women’s sports advocate initially refrained from commenting on Thomson’s physique, but she explained that it was in proportion to a “6-foot-4 male,” adding she was “well-endowed.”

Gaines tried not to look 

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While being interviewed in the Club Random podcast, Gaines shared, “That was a situation I tried to refrain from looking at entirely.”

Once you see it…

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The University of Kentucky swimmer continued, “We can’t unsee it. Being in that space with a male, it’s like a bad car wreck.” Maher pressed Gaines about Thomas’ body, and at some point, she told the host, “I was trying to run away from this question.” She tried compromising, “6-foot-4 male. Use your imagination.”

The athlete talks about the LGBTQ community

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During the interview, Gaines also gave her views on the LGBTQ community, saying, “If I was any of those categories, I would want lesbian, gay, and certainly trans is very different than gay in a lot of ways. Gay is all about we’re born this way, and we fought for that right.”

Maher chimed in 

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Maher then said, “They really wanted equality. What I’m noticing with this trans movement is they don’t want equality. They want to take our rights.” Gaines agreed and added her thoughts.

Gaines on the liberals

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The Olympic swimmer continued, “We just keep adding to the letters. Again, liberals, I think always supportive of whatever people want to do, especially with their sexuality. Now, your view that they want extra rights is not an uncommon view in this country.”

The woke “nonsense” 

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The host went on to talk about Biden, saying, “One of the things I hate the most about Biden is that he never stands up to woke nonsense in his party.”

Gaines’ views of masculinity

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The University of Kentucky swimming champion, who endorsed DeSantis, said, “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. It really is interesting because you can see this play out throughout history.”

An example from history

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Talking to Maher, Gaines said, “Think about this, 1940s, World War II. Men lied about their age to get in to enlist. Now, in 2023, we have men lying about their sex to get into women’s sports or women’s prisons or domestic shelters or sororities or bathrooms, locker rooms.”

Gaines on men 

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Gaines added, “We need men to protect and provide,” and concluded, “I want a man to provide for me.”

The swimmer repeated her stance on transgender women

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“I think even using the term trans woman is giving Thomas some of our languages as women,” Gaines said in the podcast. She continued, “I think trans women is a subset of male. I do not believe trans women are women.”

Gaines on Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney
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The Tennessee native also stated, “Dylan Mulvaney is doing this for clicks and likes.” You can listen to the podcast on Youtube.

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