“Let Me Pay You In Pigs” – Man Comes Up With a Clever Way to Deal With Telemarketers

A TikTok user Remi Ishizuka posted a funny video that gathered over 2.5 million views and over 400k likes. It shows a man talking to a telemarketer, but instead of trying to end the conversation, the man from the viral video presented how to make them hang up on you.

The video titled “It works every time” shows a man saying he has six lambs and numerous pigs.

He then asks if the telemarketer would accept either of those as payments.

In the background, you can hear a woman laughing. However, that did not stop the man from keeping his cool. He said, “Well, I find that in the economy right now, I find that pigs hold their value much better than actual cash.”

“I think you would actually get a better deal in letting me pay you in pigs,” the man concluded.

This is where the phone call ends and the fun in the comment section begins.

One of the most liked comments said, “I laughed so hard ‘you’d actually get a better deal in letting me pay you in pigs.'”

Another TikTok user shared, “It’s giving Colin Robinson vibes.”

Others were impressed, too, “I love how seriously committed he is to making this deal.”

The compliments continued rolling, “Omg, this is epic. His delivery is perfection.”

This former telemarketer said, “I was a telemarketer in college (worst job ever). I actually loved when people would tell me off.”

People asked for more, “I want to see more of these, and I want them on speakerphone.”

Some shared their experiences, “When asked if my mom is the homeowner, she answers with, no, I’m just a squatter. They hang up every time.”

And this woman also shared a passion for selling things to telemarketers, “I try to sell telemarketers random things. Love when they hang up.”

The amazement went on, “All I want of life is this kind of time and energy.”


It works every time 😅

♬ original sound – Remi Ishizuka

One person shared how they give their phone to a toddler, while another noticed more than humor: “Hysterical! That aside…your kitchen is gorgeous.”

Among thousands of comments, almost every single one compliment the man, Nathan Pontious, a former marine and veteran.

He is the husband of the channel owner, an LA-based Health and Wellness blogger. The couple often shares the screen, though this video surpassed all their previous viral clips.

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