“It’s not kidnapping, I’m her grandma”: Grandma Refuses To Return Her Grandchild

Many people complain that parenting is challenging, and they are not wrong. But do you know who is not complaining? Grandparents, and if anything, they want to spend more time with their grandkids.

Derek Lipp shared a clip on TikTok where he showed a video from a Ring camera. What made it so unusual was that Lipp tried to pick up his daughter, but his mother did not care about him. She merely wanted to spend time with his granddaughter.

In the first seconds, a female voice asks, “What do you want?” The man, Derek, shouts, “My baby! Open the d…n door!”

His mom told him that he should come back later, but he insisted on taking his baby home since she had been with her grandma since last morning. Initially, the baby was supposed to stay with the grandmother for only three hours.

Son asked his mom why she wasn’t at work. She told him she was sick. Derek was upset because he did not want a sick person next to his six-month-old baby.

Of course, the grandma was not really sick, and then Derek told her that she had kidnapped his baby. The video was made in good fun, as the caption reads, “Hopefully, her boss doesn’t see this…”.

She responded, “It’s not kidnapping. I’m her grandma. Normally, you always want me to keep her.”

Finally, the dad entered the house, but TikTok viewers were on the grandma’s side. One person wrote, “I wish my kids would have had grandparents like this. Cherish this!”

Another shared, “Only if we were all blessed with this kind of help.”

The viral video surpassed 1.1 million likes, and only a handful of people did not like how possessive yet loving this grandma is. For example, this person wrote, “Enough is enough, and it is your child. I disagree with the other comments.”

The majority of commentators were team grandma as one comment said, “If my mom told me to come back later… I’d be in my car before she finished her sentence.”

And a grandma wrote, “I live for my grandkids much more than I did for my kids.”

@barstoolsports Grandma wasn’t letting that baby leave 🤣 @podfathersshow (Via:@dereklipp_ ♬ Fine by Lemon Demon – HR Blaze

A man shared some wisdom, “Is that your first baby? ‘Cause after that, you ask no questions when grandma takes ’em.'”

A woman said, “You both are cute and hilarious!”

And another chimed in, “Dude, I would just let her have the grandchild! If my parents came to steal the baby for a day or so, I would let them. They love their grandkids.”

Do you think that this grandma was a bit over the top? Or would you let her spend more time with her grandchild? Drop a comment!

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