“It’s distracting:” School allowing students to “identify as horses, dinosaurs, and cats” reportedly under probe

Schools are reportedly “frightened of doing the wrong thing,” so teachers allow kids to identify as animals and communicate as ones.

This worrisome trend was spotted in the UK

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An investigation by The Telegraph shows a teacher at a school in East Sussex criticizing a girl as “despicable” for refusing to accept a classmate who identified as a cat. The school, Rye College, is under investigation. In southwest England, another child insists on identifying as a dinosaur. Some students identify as cats — or “catself” and are allowed to wear cat ears to express their “true self,” The Telegraph said of the so-called neogender known as a “furry.”

Meowing as a way of communicating

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The make matters worse, one Wales student does not speak in plain English but meows. One student explained, “The teachers are not allowed to get annoyed about this because it’s seen as discriminating.” The student added, “It’s distracting to sit in a lesson and have someone meow to a teacher rather than answer in English.”

UK Prime Minister’s office commented

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A spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told The Telegraph, “We understand why these reports will be concerning for parents.” They added, “Teachers have a responsibility to encourage their students to engage respectfully with those they disagree with,” adding teachers “should also not be teaching contested opinions as fact, shutting down valid discussions and debates.

Teachers are scared

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Department for Education only issues vague guidance and encourage teachers to “use their common sense” over self-identifying students. But, The Safe Schools Alliance thinks children self-identifying as animals should be treated as a “red flag,” wondering, “What are these children looking at online? What forums are they on? What happens in that child’s life, and who else is involved?”

Walking on eggshells

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A spokesperson for the Safe Schools Alliance, Tracy Shaw, said teachers are walking on eggshells for “they become frightened of doing the wrong thing” after recent controversies over gender identity. Shaw spoke about the educators, “They think they are being kind by affirming these behaviors, but they are not being kind because they are likely to be missing all sorts of things that are going on in that child’s life.”

The Rye College incident

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In an alleged incident, a teacher told a student that she should go to another school for thinking, “If you have a vagina, you’re a girl, and if you have a pen..s, you’re a boy.” The argument was allegedly caught on tape, with the teacher claiming they were pointing out that you can “be who you want to be, and how you identify is up to you.”

Not as innocent as “imaginative play”

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Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, told MailOnline that in the current climate, “this cannot be dismissed as innocent examples of ‘imaginative play,’ but further examples of the confusing and harmful ideologies which are continuing to escalate in our schools.” Williams added that this exposes confusion, threatening to become a public health crisis.

Moral chaos

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Williams continued, “Out of fear of questioning or going against the secular orthodoxy on these issues, teachers are forced to go along with it and to kowtow to whatever a child ‘identifies’ at any given moment.” She concluded, “The harmful impact on children will not just be seen now, but also in the years to come if it goes unchecked.”

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