Is the LGB community divorcing from the TQ+: A right-wing conspiracy or a real possibility?

The LGBTQ+ community is allegedly heading to Splitsville, at least partially. There are two significant reasons why the LGB part of the LGBTQI+ might want to separate: women and children.


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On Twitter, one person shared a post reading that everything is “transphobic to trans activists.” They claimed, “Lesbians and gay men are told that same-sex attraction is transphobic, by the T, which is homophobic.” It concluded, “Who would want to be with a bunch of homophobes?”

Women’s erasure and the mutilation of children

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The same person who retweeted the post shared a caption, “There is apparently a whole movement called LGBWithoutTheTQ standing up against woman erasure and the mutilation of children….and I just want to thank you!”

What is “women’s erasure”

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One person shared, “For the people responding to this thread who don’t know what woman erasure is, it’s this. It’s being told that men must be allowed in women’s spaces at all times because men are women. Including rape shelters and sports, and prisons. It’s a takeover of women’s stuff.”

Feminists and the LGBTQ community

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There has always been a strong connection between feminists and the LGBTQ community. The two movements followed each other for decades because their leading cause has always been the same: equality.

The goals remain the same

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For the LGBTQ community, acceptance is another major issue, but in many places, so is being a strong, educated woman. But this decades-old connection might be the reason for the so-called divorce of the rainbow. 

Yes, George Santos is part of the movement

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On May 4, Santos tweeted, “It’s time we all understand that the LGB people have different social issues than the TQIA++++++ people do. So I’m calling for a DIVORCE of the LGB from the TQIA+.”

However, the issue is older than this tweet

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In 2019, LGB Alliance claimed its purpose was to see “lesbians, gay men and bisexuals living free from discrimination or disadvantage based on their sexual orientation.”

This alliance faced numerous allegations

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Since then, this organization has faced numerous allegations, including being anti-trans, and was even linked to the Christian right and anti-abortion groups, according to Pink News.

Where do children fit into all this?

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The LGB divorce from TQ+ for some means distancing themselves from the trans community for “mutilating children.” But, it does not mean that all transgender people are for the transition before individuals become adults.

Trans activists speak up

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One person wrote on Twitter, “There’s also Trans like me doing the same thing. I’ve been speaking up against the mutilation of children for a while now. Indoctrination in the schools and also, I’m sorry for women’s sports, biological men like me should not be competing against women.”

“Don’t let kids transition at 15”

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Kelly Cadigan has around a million followers on TikTok. She urged people, “I really think to be making these life-altering decisions, you should be 18 years of age.”

Is it a ploy to weaken the community?

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Some people also wondered if splitting the rainbow flag is nothing but a ploy to make the LGBTQ+ community weaker. There is strength in numbers, but with an ever-expanding flag, some subgroups feel excluded. But no one knows what the future holds.

What do you think?

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Anyone can claim anything on social media, but what do you think about this rumored “divorce?” Could it be a step in the right direction or the right wing’s attempt to break up the community? 

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