“Is Nancy Pelosi a time traveler?” – Rogan slams ex-House Speaker and wonders how she got to $200 million

Nancy Pelosi’s fortune has been a target of various conspiracies, and her trading skills raised many eyebrows. Joe Rogan spoke about Pelosi several times, including with a former Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard.

The time traveler

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The video posted on TikTok was a reply to someone wondering, “Is Nancy Pelosi a time traveler? She seems to predict the stock market and make millions…. over night.”

Rogan talking about Pelosi 

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The clip shows Gabbard and Rogan discussing how Pelosi gained wealth, but it does not stop on the former speaker of the House.

Social media vs. politicians

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Rogan wondered how politicians would live only from their salaries and asked his guest, “I’m sure you’re aware of the Nancy Pelosi stuff, it’s wild.” Gabbard replied, “I think this is one of the good things about social media, is — of course, the mainstream corporate media is hardly covering it at all.” She added, “But because of social media, things like that are spreading like wildfire.”

The Pelosi family allegations

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Gabbard continued, “Paul Pelosi is doing these trades within this period of time of Nancy Pelosi voting on this bill or bringing a bill to the floor — because we’ve got to remember Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, nothing happens without her knowing about it or giving her stamp of approval.” The former member of the Democratic party shared, “regardless of whether it’s happening in the Judiciary Committee … if there’s a bill coming to the floor and there’s major legislation that’s being passed or is being squashed, that is happening with her say so.”

Question of ethics

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Gabbard said that people started “making noise, and saying, ‘Hey, you as a member of Congress or your spouse or your adult child’ should not be allowed to conduct insider trading on issues that Congress is dealing with.” However, this is legal, which Rogan later confirmed.

Gabbard explains how things worked

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Former Hawaii Congresswoman shared that even as Pelosi is saying on one hand that Congress will “draft legislation” to deal with it, Congress is about to take a break, and “once again, she’s refusing to bring the bill to the floor.” Rogan added that the last “last thing” the House Speaker wants is to lose that “honey pot.”

Pelosi is better than Warren Buffett and George Soros

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Rogan further claims that Pelosi is more talented than Warren Buffett and George Soros, alleging it is “one hundred percent insider trading.” Rogan also claimed that Pelosi would not want people asking how come she makes “$200,000 a year,” but her worth is “$200 million.” However, Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is just above $115 million.

Washington Uncovered

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Gabbard shared that Pelosi is not the only one. In fact, she said that Republican and Democratic senators “in leads up towards Covid,” started “making different investments so they could profit from it.”

It is crazy 

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This was when Rogan said, “It’s crazy that it’s legal.” He called out the media for ignoring this and wondered if this was an understanding or fear of losing contacts in high places if you talk about it publically.

Insiders Club

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Gabbard compared the situation to a “chummy insiders club in Washington,” or as it is also known, the “prominent Washington.” Gabbard said that this was a “swampy ecosystem of those who’ve been elected into positions, those who are long-time appointed or powerful bureaucrats, and the corporate media.” She alleged these people go to the same parties, same gatherings, “passing information to each other.”

Commentators were furious

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One of the most upvoted comments read, “When is enough, ENOUGH?!?!? No consequences for any of these so-called leaders. Nothing will change, and it’s sad.” Another wrote, “The majority of the politicians that go into office go in poor, and when they leave, they’re multi-millionaires.”

Some were angry at Pelosi

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Someone shared, “The messed up thing is Nancy Pelosi is no longer speaker and got away with Millions!!!!” Another chimed in, “We stay so mad at each other cause people like Nancy can live a life of luxury while keeping us fighting.” The third person concluded, “90% of politicians are snakes and untrustworthy.”

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