“I think they’re gonna to shoot him”: Alex Jones theorizes about Trump, says “deep state establishment” are going to kill him, and Trump’s “ready to die”

Alex Jones repeated his bizarre theories about Trump’s alleged assassination, including every possible scenario from poisoning to heart attack and an airplane crash.

Jones said Trump would be assassinated before

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Jones talked about the issue on his podcast after Trump’s Wacco rally. He said, “Whether Trump is for real or not, the deep state hates his guts.”

Jones forgot about their fallout 

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Jones noted that “they” see him as the most significant rival. Jones continued praising Trump despite their fallout mid-Trump’s presidency.

More conspiracy theories

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“More hardcore stuff said at that rally than had been said in the last 6-7 years of Trump combined,” Jones said, adding Trump is “born-again,” added Jones.

Jones says it is “unbelievable”

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Jones then shared, “I think they’ll probably try and assassinate him. This is just unbelievable.” After the Texas rally, Jones believes in two possible scenarios, “If it looks like he’s about to win again, I think they’re gonna shoot him. I think they’re gonna blow his airplane up.”

Now, he expanded his views

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Jones said Trump will have 30 points more in the primaries than other candidates, claiming, “Nothing’s gonna stop him.” In a panicked voice, Jones also shared that people need to get out of their comfort zones and then stated that “they” will “blow his plane up.” But he did not stop there.

Gut feelings

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Jones continued, “I really, at a gut level, believe they’re going to kill Trump. I mean, I believe the deep state establishment will murder him… he dies of a heart attack, or they poison him, or they blow his airplane up.”

In conclusion 

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So if anything happens to a man, almost 80 years old, it must be something the “deep state” did to him.

Speaking of a gut feeling

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Jones’s gut feelings already appeared on air in December 2017. He then said, “I think they​’​’re going to go ahead and make their​ move to kill the president.​ I think in the next ​30​ days, I think they’re going to make an assassination attempt, Jones said in the clip posted by Media Matters. “I just — my gut — I see all of them together, they’re that desperate.”

Going against DOJ and the FBI

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Far right-wingers were already against the FBI and DOJ. Jones helped by saying on his show in 2017, “We have caught them in a gigantic, arrogant, foaming at the mouth, arrogance-fueled, rabid dog, reckless, naked, bold, ridiculous fraud, run by — it looks like — maybe 15 people in the Justice Department and the FBI.”

Jones’ host pleaded guilty to January 6 charges

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InfoWars host Owen Shroyer whom Alex Jones allegedly accompanied at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering and staying on restricted ground.

The riots

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Shroyer took a bullhorn, and compared the rioters to American patriots fighting in 1776, stating: “Today, on January 6, we declare death to tyranny! Death to tyrants! Death to tyrants! Death to tyrants!”

Trump knows everything

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Jones also said, “And Trump, by the way, has talked to Roger and others and said, I’m ready to die.” He ended with another chilling and bizarre claim, “It’s a death battle.”

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