Transabled woman blinded herself with drain cleaner at 21 – “I should have been blind from birth”

Body integrity identity disorder (BIID) is not new, though recent years have seen a rise in this lesser-discussed topic. Transableism, a reasonably new term, presents people who want to be disabled. A woman from North Carolina blinded herself at 21 and is happy with her decision. How and should it relate to the trans community?

The woman who blinded herself in the mid-2000s still feels no regret

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Jewel decided she wanted to be blind as a child. In 2006, at 21, she found a psychologist willing to help her become blind. With numbing eyedrops and drops of drain cleaner, her wish came true, the official story said.

Should transgender and transabled people fall into the same category?

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People argued online about whether transgender, transracial, transageism, trans speciesism, and transableism be under the same category. The main reason for it is that they all involve altering natural identity.

Norvegian trans woman

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Jørund Viktoria Alme said in an interview on Norwegian television last year that “she had always wished to be born as a woman who was paralyzed from the waist down.” She now uses a wheelchair and is satisfied with being transabled and transgender.

Connecting the issue to woke-ism

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A Twitter page called End Wokeness shared a clip of Jewel talking to Dr. Phil. A doctor in the studio argued that she always felt she should be the Queen of England, adding that Jewel traumatized herself and intentionally damaged herself.

The commentators were mostly confused 

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One person said, “We should ALL be having that doctor’s reaction to every transgender case.” Another added, “There are multiple forms of transism; transgenderism, transracial, transageism, transspeciesism & this, transableism. For some inexplicable reason, transgenderism is the ONLY form of transism accepted by the elites.”

Someone tried to explain

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One noted, “Because a gender claim is unfalsifiable where age, race, ability, species, etc. are observably false.” Another argued, “She’s happier now, and just because the doctor and others can’t understand that doesn’t mean she should be banned from reaching happiness. She’s an adult and can make permanent decisions about her own body.”

Many had a different idea

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Someone wrote, “She now is on disability and uses resources set aside for the disabled, resources that are not infinite. So it does impact others…”

Some wanted more doctors to speak up

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Another said, “Never even knew this was a thing till a couple of days ago. Doctors need to speak out on these trans illnesses. It’s seeding and taking root.”

Question of money

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A Twitter user suggested, “The medical industry is profiting off people changing their genders. For transabled and transracial people, there isn’t much money to be made from them.”

Blaming the “woke” culture

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While “some Twitter users pointed out woke” people would’ve been committed to mental asylums, it is unclear if they know the word’s origin or meaning.

Jewel shared her story to help others

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“People with BIID get trains to run over their legs, freeze dry their legs, or fall off cliffs to try to paralyze themselves, ” the woman said.

Her advice should not be dismissed

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She continued, “They need professional help.” She shared her story because she knows she has a disorder and urged people not to harm themselves. Do you believe more doctors should be involved in the trans issue? Should people show more compassion? Or is this “The next abyss?”

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