“I have worked for a narcissistic psychotic boomer”: Woman criticizes her boomer boss in favor of a respectful millennial

Realtor and TikTok user Kristen shared how her current boss, in her 30s, compares to the previous ones from older generations.

Kristen shared an email exchange, which started with an unresolved conflict with her boss. Many viewers assumed this would not turn out in Kristen’s favor.

The woman shared in her TikTok video, “I wrote an email to her very respectfully and courteously.”

The young woman shared she included her boss in email exchanges between herself and her clients. She was upset that the boss was part of those conversations instead of overseeing them.

Kristen wrote: “While I do appreciate you commenting those things to the clients — I do feel that you were undermining me.”

She felt that the boss’s involvement could jeopardize the clients’ trust in her and create tension within the team.

The realtor in her 20s never had a millennial boss, as she explained in her viral video:

“I have worked for a narcissistic psychotic boomer and Gen X,” the TikTok user says, “I recently started working for a millennial like me.”

The TikTok star added:

“She’ll be 35 or 36 years old this year — we are both millennials, but she is my senior.”

These negative experiences left her anxious as she waited for her new boss to respond.

Kristen addressed it: “Even though I stand by everything that I said and I stood up for myself — my relationships with other bosses have been with other generations.”

Her boss’ response shocked her. It was simple, straight to the point: “I see your point, and I apologize.”

The boss continued: “I apologize for the way I approached that. I did not mean to undermine you.”

The comment section was floored with positivity, with many wondering, “Why can’t all bosses be like this?”

One person wrote, “That’s not a boss. That’s a leader.”

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Another said: “Validation. Self-awareness. Respect. Boundaries. This should be the norm!”

Others shared similar experiences with millennial bosses, mostly positive ones. But as one TikTok user pointed out, “It’s not about a generation, but a person.”

One of the best-rated comments talked about the younger generation, Gen Z:
“Gen Z Boss response: “My bad, bestie, I won’t do it again, love you.”

But, a person soon added:

“We’re changing the world. Millennials for the win!”

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The video received nearly 2 million views and around 14k comments. It opened numerous discussions, mainly about how previous generations compared to millennials.

But is it really about a whole generation rather than a person? What do you think?

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