Her Husband Promised To Stay Home And Take Care Of Their Baby, But Now He Sleeps All Day And Expects Her To Do It All While She Works From Home

A woman turned to the internet to share how she became pregnant because her husband wanted a child. But, as they got their daughter, she was left to do most of the work.

Talking to Reddit’s AITA, the woman expressed, “I made him agree before we got married that if we have kids, he’ll stay at home and do all of the nights and cleaning up.”

The parents of one daughter are not thrilled about getting up in the middle of the night. The woman complained, “At night, when she cries, he won’t get up and will wake me up and try and get me to do it.”

She then said how “I went through pregnancy, I make our money, and now he wants me to do what he promised to do.”

Then she added how the husband claims it is unfair to expect him to do all the work, though
“he promised he would.”

She concluded how the couple fought all night until the husband “locked himself in the bathroom.”

The controversial post caused outrage in the Reddit community. Most people feel that both spouses are not fulfilling their parental duties.

The most upvoted comment read, “What you’re looking for is completely unrealistic.” The person added, “You guys should not have had children.”

Another person added, “If I choose to be a parent, then I’m going to be a parent.” They told the original poster, “You chose to be a parent. So buck up and do it.”

Others noticed how many people treat babies as “a doll or cute accessories.” Another echoed this sentiment, adding, “Kids are a full-time job that needs 24/7 attention.”

A Reddit poster tried to reason with the original poster saying, “The reason both parents should care for the child is so the CHILD knows both of you care.”

Some were not as polite, as one person wrote, “Start a therapy fund for your daughter. Sounds like she is going to need it.”

Another wrote, “That poor baby not feeling a motherly hug or maternal affection.”

While Reddit commentators did not feel an ounce of empathy towards the original poster or her husband, they all felt sorry for the child.

Someone went as far as saying, “If this is real, you are insane.” Then the person added, “Once you bring a child into this world, it’s both your responsibility.”

Many pointed out that the husband is showing signs of depression, with many adding, “Just because he agreed to do the work doesn’t mean he doesn’t need help.”

Do you think the wife needs to step up? Or did she complete her part of the deal when she gave her husband a baby? Drop a comment!

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