“Whoever you are, you stole from the wrong one”: Woman’s $129 Order Was Stolen by Doordash Driver

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Felicia Hockensmith recently posted a video on TikTok claiming that her $129 order from DoorDash was stolen by the DoorDash driver who was meant to deliver her food.

TikToker Claims It’s Not About The Money, But The Principle

“Whoever you are, you stole from the wrong one,” she said in the video. “$129 worth of food, y’all, from P.F. Chang’s. It’s not about the money, it’s the principle. I knew I was going to get my money back, so I wasn’t worried about that.”

Hockensmith decided to take it up a notch to ensure something like this wouldn’t happen again to anyone else.

In the video, the TikToker/Influencer explained that she contacted DoorDash’s customer service team, adding that they were “super nice” until she mentioned taking the situation to the police. She said the tone of the conversation changed quickly after she mentioned filing a police report.

Hockenmith Threatens To Find Out Who The Thief

Later in the video, she threatens the person who stole her food, saying she will find out who they are and personally make sure they never steal from someone else again.

There currently isn’t any update on what has happened or if Hockensmith actually filed the police report.

Many viewers shared their own experiences with stolen DoorDash orders, with one person explaining how one time Dasher made off with their order even after snapping a picture to confirm they had delivered it.

Another commenter explained how he had to delete UberEats because his orders kept being stolen, while another commenter mentioned that they now get more stolen or missing orders now than “ever before.”

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Many Are Losing Trust In Food Delivery Services

While stolen orders are far from common, several anecdotes from users of these services show that stolen or missing orders from food delivery services could be on the rise. 

A survey conducted by U.S. Foods shows that 1 in 4 delivery drives make take portions of someone’s food, such as a french fry or two, from an order they are meant to deliver.

Many people became more cautious of using food delivery services after a man was reportedly arrested for sticking his fingers in the food of a police officer to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

While many commended him for it(though he claimed it was a joke after his arrest), it left a sour taste in many consumers’ mouths about how safe they felt using food delivery platforms like DoorDash Or UberEats. Add in the rising number of orders that are going missing or being stolen, and it’s safe to say that Hockensmith’s reaction may not have been an overreaction.

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