Florida schools plan to use only excerpts from Shakespeare to avoid “raunchiness” – “The world is laughing at us”

DeSantis’ law will only allow schools to use excerpts from Shakespeare’s classics due to “raunchiness” in classics like “Romeo and Juliet” or “Hamlet.”

“There’s some raunchiness in Shakespeare”

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English teachers in Hillsborough County are almost ready for a new school year, but with a twist – students will only read excerpts from Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Joseph Cool, a reading teacher at Gaither High School, said, “There’s some raunchiness in Shakespeare.”

The school district spokesperson spoke up

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“It was also in consideration of the law.” stated school district spokeswoman Tanya Arja, citing DeSantis’ expanded law Parental Rights in Education Act, nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Arja added, “We need to make sure our students are prepared with enough material during the year so they will be prepared for their assessments.”

Chaos in education

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School board member Jessica Vaughn wrote on Facebook, “It feels that much of this is intentional, in order to cause as much chaos in public education as possible so that the collapse of public education is swift and the agenda of education privatization can move forward with fewer obstacles.”

The world is laughing

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Cool told Tampa Bay, “I think the rest of the nation — no, the world, is laughing at us.” The teacher explained how the students would “absolutely not” receive the much-needed education by reading only excerpts. Cool added how he enjoyed reading “Macbeth” to his 10th graders last year.

The teacher was not done

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Cool explained, ”It gave them a sense of connection between stuff that happened in the past and things that are not necessarily in the past.”

Delusions of grandeur

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“The choices that we make, power struggles, delusions of grandeur. It is so rich in content and things that you can have discussions about, academic and scholarly discussions,” Cool concluded. 

The question of Romeo and Juliet

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“Taking Shakespeare in its entirety out because the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is somehow exploiting minors is just absurd,” a teacher said. However, the nation’s seventh-largest school district will have to oblige.

Education row over whether Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology classes

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Shakespeare is not the only issue on DeSantis’ mind. He is also at the center of an education row over AP Psychology classes over the inclusion of LGBTQ topics.

The future of AP Psychology classes

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The College Board, which administers AP courses and the SAT, said the state “effectively banned” the AP course because of its content about sexual orientation and gender identity. The following day, the state Education Department said the course could be taught in its “entirety in a manner that is age and developmentally appropriate.”

Many Black Republicans slammed DeSantis over slavery comments

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The new education standards for how Black history is taught in Florida schools raised concerns across the nation. DeSantis’ defended it by saying it was “not political at all.” However, the question remains if it was factual.

Blame the critics

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The Florida Governor told Fox News viewers that the criticisms were made in “bad faith,” adding, “This was done by Black history scholars, most of whom were Black themselves.”

These claims were met with disapproval

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But many workgroup members said they were “purposefully kept in the dark,” and many were Black. Dr. Donna Austin, one of the workgroup members, said, “I’m an African American, and I’m not expecting any type of standard to imply that my ancestors benefited from slavery.”

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