Fiancee Gets Angry and Claims Man Is Still In Love With His Ex-Wife Because He Takes His Sons To See Their Dying Mother

A man asked the internet if he was wrong to prioritize his kid’s relationship with their dying mother even though it makes his fiancee mad.

Man Explains That He Is Happy With The Way He And His Ex Co-Parent Their Sons

On the AITA subreddit, a man explained that he and his sons’ mother separated over 5 years ago.

He is currently engaged to another woman, named Anna, and she has a daughter. He also has two kids with his ex-wife, Sarah.

He and his ex-wife share custody of the boys, and the OP (Original Poster) explains that he enjoys this arrangement and that things have been easy ever since they divorced.

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His Ex Received A Troubling Diagnosis and His Sons Wish To See Their Mother More

However, the OP’s ex has recently been diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease the OP doesn’t name, but he explains that because of this, the boys will be spending more time with him as their mother goes through treatment.

He adds that the new arrangement consists of the boys seeing their mom on the weekends while he has them the majority of the week, since his ex-wife is currently unable to be at home as often as she would like. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

He also elaborates that Sarah is too weak to care for the boys, so when they go to see her, the OP and his sons usually stay with her, have a meal together, and then go back home. He says that with all of the hospital visits, the OP has less time than he used to.

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OP Tells His Fiancee He Will Miss Her Birthday Tradition To Take The Boys To See Their Hospitalized Mother. Fiancee Gets ANGRY

He continues the story by explaining that his step-daughter’s birthday was on a Friday, and he told his fiancee on that Thursday that he and the boys will be there for the party at 4 pm but will miss his fiancee’s traditional birthday lunch at 1 pm.

His fiancee got really angry and told him that he didn’t have to do everything his kids wanted. She went even further to claim he did not love his stepdaughter AND that he was still in love with Sarah.

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“I told her that’s a really unfair thing to say and that my kids will always come first to me, so right now when they need their mom so much, I’ll take them there anytime. Then she said that I still love Sarah. I told her that she is the mother of ms children and that yes, she will always be impotant to me.”[sic]

At the end of his post, he explains that some of his friends told him he made the wrong call, so he is now wondering if he is in the wrong in this situation.

He also added a P.S. explaining that Sarah may not make it, making the boy’s time with their mother that much more important.

Many Redditors were on his side, with many saying that the fiancee’s behavior is problematic and toxic.

One person wrote, “NTA. Beware of a partner that stands against you during difficult times instead of working with you. You need someone on your team.”

Another person commented, “NTA Anna needs to grow up.”

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