“Fear, Sadness and exhaustion”: Voters over Trump vs. Biden rematch, “Two out-of-touch 80-year-olds”

The election year does not spark joy among many Americans. Between Biden’s gaffes and Trump’s everyday antics, it is no surprise that 38% claim they feel “exhaustion” over another round of Biden vs. Trump.

Fear and sadness over the elections 

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29% feel “fear,” and 23% “sadness and fear” over the potential rematch in 2024. Yet, Yahoo News/YouGov poll concluded that neither party has another candidate on their minds.

A handful feels pride and even less gratitude

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The same poll conducted that around 8% feel “pride” about the possible rematch, while 7% found “gratitude” about the upcoming elections. Despite 38% who are exhausted, 23 percent reported “hope” as the primary feeling triggered by 2024’s prospects.

Inside Republican party

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Ron DeSantis was a solid choice for the Republican nominee at some point, but Trump still has double digits over the governor of Florida. DeSantis is campaigning, and he recently went to New Hampshire on the same day as Trump, which was quite interesting for everyone involved.

Biden is not as popular among Democrats

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Unlike Trump, the current president is not a favorite among Democrats or Democrat-leaning voters. Around 27% of people in the poll believe Biden should run for a second term, while only 43%of Democrats think he should be the party’s nominee.

Yet, Biden still has an advantage over Trump

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Among registered voters, Biden has a lead over Trump with 46% compared to 42%. The current POTUS also has an advantage over DeSantis, with 45% to 41%. Regardless of what polls say, Democrats are relatively united, with many helping the president’s re-election.

Social media somewhat agrees with the poll

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Reddit users shared various comments, with many wondering how the country ended up with two 75+-year-olds as the only leaders. However, there are more insightful comments, as one exhausted person explained, “Exhaustion is the enemy of democracy. Republicans will gladly walk through to a general election win if we tune out and disengage, and it’s the same tactic that Putin’s disinformation campaigns rely on – get people too tired to care.”

Some are tired of Trump

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Many pointed out that Trump is the real issue, with a person sharing, “Every time Trump speaks, I feel exhausted.” Another said, “I’d be a whole lot less exhausted if Trump were firmly disqualified and taken off the field. If he wins, democracy is finished.” The third chimed in, “Biden is an adult, and Trump throws temper tantrums.”

Same old battles

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Numerous Reddit users pointed out that “we’re literally refighting battles that were fought decades ago. I’m sick of hearing about abortion and basic rights for minorities.” In reply, a person wrote, “We last decided Civil Rights in the 1960s, prior to that in the 1860s. So why do we have to keep talking about it?”

And the same old people

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As a Reddit poster shared, “It is time for someone who wasn’t alive during WW2 to run this country. Glad to see it’s not an insignificant percentage of us.” Another added, “How can a country of 330+ million be inflicted with the choice of only two 75+-year-old leaders?” Someone joked, “Welcome to America in the 21st century. Next time it’ll be another Clinton and maybe a Bush.”

The age issue really bothers people

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Someone wrote, “I’m exhausted having to choose between two out-of-touch 80-year-olds.” Similarly, this person echoed previous statements, “I just want to have the option to vote for somebody under the age of retirement.”

People are still going to vote

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People agreed they wanted to vote, but only to keep “the other guy” away from the White House. Someone wrote, “Know who isn’t exhausted? MAGA voters. They can’t wait to vote.” Others were more fearful, as one wrote, “Any Republican winning means democracy is done. The whole party has gladly moved headlong to full-on fascism.” Another added, “My feelings are better described as hopeless, primarily because there are still such a huge number of people who support Donald Trump, which is insane.” 

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