“Erasing Women” – Kamala Harris Haunted For Sending A “Birthday” Letter to Dylan Mulvaney Before the Bud Light Backlash

Vice President Kamala Harris wrote a “birthday” note to trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, according to RadarOnline, and Mulvaney, who has over a million TikTok followers, shared it with the world.

Some found it heartfelt, others did not

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While some found it heartfelt, others accused Harris of being disgraceful to other women and called her a “ridiculous” human being.

A letter from Vice President

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Harris wrote: “Dear Dylan, I send you my warmest greetings as you celebrate your 365th day of living authentically. Thank you for courageously sharing your story and your journey.”

The note further said

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“Through your work as an activist and advocate for the LGBTQI+ community, you continue to break barriers and inspire young people across our nation and around the world,” Harris added. 

Harris had more to say 

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“Our Administration stands with the LGBTQI+ community in the ongoing struggle for true equity and equality and against hate and discrimination in all forms.” She completed the letter by saying she was “grateful for your dedication and courage, and I hope you continue to use your platform to spread positivity and create change. I look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the future.”

Dylan’s visit to the White House appeared in her TikTok series

Dylan Mulvaney
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Dylan visited the White House, featured in “Day of Girlhood,” her TikTok series. The series has already surpassed one billion views. The 26-year-old actress and comedian from California is also famous on other social networks, as she detailed her transition in the past few years. She also started a one-woman show, “Day 365 Live!” 

Kamala Harris in hot waters

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Despite heartwarming words, which many people embraced, others accused Harris of trying to “erase women.”


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Twitter users were disappointed with the Vice President’s choice of words, as one user wrote, “Shame on you, Kamala Harris. Dylan Mulvaney is a disgraceful representation of what a woman is. A complete mockery!!” Another shared, “You should be utterly ashamed of yourself, Kamala Harris. You are a disgrace to the dignity.”

Is this a job for a VP?

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The third wondered if this was really a job for a VP, adding, “Play acting as a little girl is not something to be celebrated! But Kamala Harris is living in a different world!”

More people expressed their furry, “Kamala is busy erasing women as she fawns over this mentally ill man pretending to be a woman. Sigh. Why is everything so stupid these days?!”

People complained on other social media as well

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On Reddit, a person shared, “Also locked up a mother that was working two jobs because her kid was skipping school. This woman is an evil hypocrite.”

Another wrote, “LMAO, didn’t you lock up a s—load of people for weed? Then bragged about it and went on to say you smoked weed in college listening to Tupac and Snoop before they cut their first albums?”

And this person was not surprised, “Sky is blue, water is wet, politicians are hypocrites.”

“Absolutely absurd”

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Someone wrote, “She’s a ridiculous human. Absolutely absurd.”

The pattern 

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Yet, this person thought they found a pattern, “You guys said Hillary was the worst person, then Nancy Pelosi, now Kamala. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to lead you guys around from boogeyman to boogeyman.”

Jill Biden did it first, sort of 

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Previously, Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, was attacked after presenting a transgender politician from Argentina an award, “Women of Courage.” The difference is massive since Dr. Biden is not a US government official. 

What do you think of this letter?

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